Sertainty: Delivering Self-Protecting Data Technology to Mitigate Risks and Boost Security


Rolling into a parking space at a nondescript office park office near the Nashville, TN airport, few would imagine a high technology cybersecurity company resides within. What does the Grand Ole Opry and cybersecurity have in common?  Simply put, valuable data. 

Sertainty was founded with a singular purpose, to make all data fully able to defend itself anywhere and for all time. Mere encryption was not sufficient.  The data had to be able to actively defend itself at all times and anywhere. The company is proud to say it achieved that goal. They are now educating the market about their revolutionary technology.  

It is kind of funny now looking back ten years, recognizing that Sertainty was labeled and dismissed as heretics. So were Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. It is lonely being an industry leader, but little by little, the company has proven that the technology works, it is easy to deploy, and it is highly effective. As the CEO of Sertainty, Greg Taylor loves watching the facial expression of prospective customers as they realize how disruptive his company is, how affordable the technology is, and how much it reduces their risk exposure. Their insurance companies and CFO’s like Sertainty too because the company dramatically improves their balance sheet. 

In late 2010, Sertainty’s Chief Scientist Greg Smithdared to imagine scalable methods for making data immune to exploitation by making it wholly self-protecting and self-governing. As the world realized that data protection was becoming the new “end point” Sertainty’s intuition was affirmed. We now understand that all data is valuable, and the consequences of data loss has never been graverBanking, entertainment, health, insurance, and Federal markets are now evaluating the company’s capabilities 


The Business Innovators 

Greg Taylor, CEO of Sertainty first met Greg Smith, inventor of Sertainty’s technology, in 2009 when Mr. Smith presented a self-protecting data prototype to Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor recognized a future world changing technology and their business relationship was formed. Mr. Taylor’s decades of building and funding technology companies and Mr. Smith’s history as a serial inventor, patent holder, and key contributor to the development of the self-tuning databases was an immediate match. Now, with hundreds of investors and an experienced Executive team they are gaining the attention of major investors and large enterprise companies. 


Zero Trust Meets Zero Cost 

Sertainty’s opportunity in the global cybersecurity market is an incalculable Green Field. Who could argue since nearly every known cybersecurity solution has failed to prevent data breaches? Today, there is only one solution that makes data loss irrelevant, and Sertainty invented itPerhaps more impressively, their Self-Protecting Data concept also generates revenue for their customers! 

Sertainty’s market feedback revealed an unexpected result.  Part of being Self-Protecting requires the data to be Self-Aware.  Being Self-Aware meant it could be Self-Reporting.  Self-Reporting data is not only secure, but it can now report who, where, and when data access is attempted, authorized, or denied.  By aggregating data file event logs companies can drive automated data consumer behavior analytics.  For the first time consumers can control their data profiles, companies can automatically report regulatory compliance and an entirely new revenue chain is created. For customers who care about security and revenue, Sertainty enables automated regulatory compliance validation (e.g., GDPR, HIPPA), payment for subscription data services (e.g., Wall Street Journal), and data consumer behavior analytics (e.g., Sony). Without exaggeration, the global impact of their achievements is incalculable. 

But let’s not forget Sertainty’s founding mission – self-protecting data security. Everyone knows that data is only valuable when it is moving, and when it’s moving, it is vulnerable. No one can be sure the route it will take to its final destination (e.g., China). Looking back at previous data breaches we see two common outcomes. First, they barely make the news anymoreSecond, security experts always blame unsecured networks and policy failures to stop data exfiltration. Lastly, enormous cost to the business and consumer. Incredibly, the experts miss the obvious. The true root cause is a failure to employ self-protecting data technology and render stolen data unusable and inaccessible forever. 


Monetizing Data to Drive Innovation 

The upside potential for Sertainty is imponderable.  The revolutionary impact of their technology will fractionalize the costs of cybersecurity as we know it today.  Moreover, their technology will give every device and piece of data a monetized value and the owner of the data, not the holder, will be in control.   

As their disruptive technology leverages biometric and one-time password authentication, cloud computing, and location-aware mobile applications, a consumer to consumer revolution will likely ensue.   


Challenges to Stand Out as a Cybersecurity Player 

Sertainty still has a long way to go if they hope to reach their world changing objective. Only five years ago Greg Taylor and his EVP of Strategy, Dan Fischermet with endless skeptics.  They called the technology snake oil, crack cocaine, fairy dust, and other more colorful descriptions. Those well-educated people simply would not look more deeply at the technology. One particular C-Suite executive said they were too busy installing two-factor authentication. Within a year his healthcare company suffered a devastating healthcare information breach that Sertainty could have prevented. Now the skeptics are few, the market demand is high, and the proof is tangible. 



Remarkable Accomplishments and Patrons Feedback  

Sertainty has received numerous accolades from its clients and invaluable recognitions. Some of the notable ones are below: 


“With the traditional perimeter now dissolving, enterprise IT experts must take data security much more seriously. The Sertainty team understands this evolution and offers a world-class software solution that is worth a closer look by all cybersecurity teams.” – Dr. Ed Amoroso, CEO of Tag Cyber 

“Sertainty provides Skytec with secure storage and transmission capabilities for our clients. Its data-centric orientation enables Skytec to offer the most cutting-edge workflow in the industry.” – Bill Rogers, CEO Skytec, LLC 


  • Tag Cyber – Distinguished Vendor 2019 & 2020 
  • Enterprise Security Mag – Top 10 Information Security Company 2019 

The company has also published in News: 

The Future of Data-Centric Security 

Sertainty will continue to grow and stimulate a change of data protection standards in both the commercial and federal markets. The company’s self-protecting, self-governing, self-mitigating, automated compliance enforcement data technology is at the right place at the right time. The cybersecurity industry has been talking about data-centric security for several years, and now the industry has the tools to make it a reality.