RoxAI Brings AI-Driven Alerts to Business Intelligence

New product, Ping, puts the power of artificial intelligence in the hands of every employee

LONDON, October 29, 2018 – RoxAI, a leading developer of artificial-intelligence (AI) solutions for Qlik Sense, has launched Ping, a simple, powerful AI-driven alert platform designed to put crucial information in the hands of the employees who rely on it most.

Image result for roxAITraditional business intelligence (BI) alerts use fixed parameters and thresholds to identify sales events, changes in inventory levels, and other important developments. That’s their strength, but it hides a weakness. Using fixed parameters, such systems necessarily look backward, reflecting the assumptions made at the time each alert was established.

“Ping keeps users from asking last quarter’s questions of today’s data,” explains RoxAI CEO Ranjit Bahia. “Qlik Sense does a great job of associating and visualizing data, but its full value doesn’t always come through to end users. That’s why we developed an alert platform that’s just as intelligent as the system behind it.”

Ping uses AI to dynamically analyse data stores for vital patterns as they emerge, and suggests appropriate alert parameters. It also identifies patterns among Ping users, facilitating the kind of interdivisional communication that keeps businesses moving forward efficiently and profitably.

To further help users keep their eyes on the prize, Ping uses Qlik’s open API to provide easy access to applications, dimensions, and measures through a simple interface. Like Qlik Sense, Ping is fully scalable and enterprise-ready.

The result, continues Bahia, is a unique balance of machine learning and human judgment. “Users know their jobs, and they know what information they need,” he says. “Until now, though, it took a lot of work just to see half the picture. The industry has probably tended to ask too much of users and too little of BI systems. Ping helps correct that imbalance.”

The announcement caps a productive first ten months for RoxAI. Earlier this year, the London-based company released RoxBot, a conversational interface for Qlik analytics. On the strength of its continued success and rapid growth, RoxAI recently became the fastest company in history to be named a Technology Partner with Qlik.

To learn more about how AI is transforming business, please contact Alice Pirlo at or +44 (0) 207 1934433. Or visit Ping’s web site at


Founded in early 2018, London-based RoxAI develops innovative digital products for a growing portfolio of customers spanning the telecom, pharmaceutical, wealth-management, and insurance industries, as well as the public sector. Along with its London headquarters and a development hub in Pune, India, the company also maintains offices in Dubai and throughout the UK. By the end of 2018, it expects to employ more than 100 developers working exclusively on its solutions.

Alice Pirlo