Role of Women in the Blockchain Industry in 2022

Blockchain Industry

Blockchain IndustryTech industries, despite leading the charge for change in many areas of modern life, have traditionally been one of the worst industries for gender equality. But now, it looks like technology itself could finally start to break down some of the barriers to entry and alter the socio-economic landscape beyond recognition. It could put women and under-represented minorities on the financial and technological map.

The latest tech boom has revolved around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And while this brand-new field is still heavily dominated by men, women are quickly closing in and making big names for themselves. The blockchain space is the perfect place for women who want to make a big impact to get involved.

More women are getting involved in the blockchain industry as the industry becomes mainstream. In a recent study, it is found more women are interested in Bitcoin investments, thus breaking the stereotype. Today in this tech-driven world, most crypto investors in India are women. Despite the male-dominated nature of crypto, some women are involved and using their talents to broaden the field.

The promise and potential of blockchain to drive social impact are massive. From financial services, through supply chains, land, and identity registries, blockchain is set to become the next transformative technology in development and humanitarian relief. Some of the initial blockchain use cases also showcase the potential for how it can drive women’s economic empowerment by enabling women to access financial services, manage payments and keep business and personal records.

Since the beginning of the blockchain industry, women in blockchain have played key roles in strengthening the technology’s global influence. Women have contributed to the expansion of the blockchain industry alongside supporting the capabilities for maintaining continuous development and exceptional levels of success.

The dominance of women in blockchain should grow at a faster pace to ensure the overall improvement of the blockchain landscape. Big technology companies have routinely failed to hire women for new projects or promote them to management and board positions. But with blockchain, women have led the way on some of the most important projects, both at tech companies and start-ups. With blockchain, women have been leaders on several important projects, and companies developing business blockchain products have promoted women.

Women leading in blockchain believe gender diversity isn’t just a matter of what is right for humanity, but also what is right for business. High demand has remained in place for talent in tech, but reports show that only 20% of those in tech-related fields are female. As emphasis to increase female presence in the blockchain space gathers momentum, strong leaders are emerging to map out and establish frameworks that are both easy to adopt and highly sustainable. Below are a few areas in blockchain where women are directly pushing the industry forward.