Robots will Now Detect and Remove Unwanted Wall Graffiti


RobotsRobots will remove unwanted wall graffiti and make your city look cleaner and prettier

In recent years, the acceptance of robots in mainstream industry use cases has grown considerably. Robots are claiming their position to fight against the greatest societal complexities, including catching criminals and hindering the growth of crimes. Recently, researchers have launched a robot called the tag removal system that can geometrically and chromatically analyze a wall through the color-detection cameras in from of it. The system is also able to record the size and position of the various elements of a wall or building like doors, windows, and gutters.

Besides this, the system can also detect the colors of the wall, which is pretty important for the other main feature of the robot. Not only that, but it can also detect the tags, and it is also able to cover them since the system includes paints and nozzles. The robot will detect the color and then mix the color needed to paint over them. The stem can raise itself to 1 meter and can reach a maximum height of 3 meters, enough to cover the ground floor.

The tag removal system is furnished with RGB LED strips and proximity sensors that will be able to detect any obstacles that they might have to work around, kind of similar to robot vacuums. To move around properly, the robot also has omnidirectional wheels. However, the machine itself does not look pretty it looks more like a humidifier and air cooler. But it will do a bang-up job of detecting deformities in walls and hiding them to make your city more appealing and pretty!