Reputation at Stake! Apple has Been Sued for Invasion of Privacy


AppleApple is sued for tracking users even though they have opted for apps to not track them!

A new lawsuit haunts Apple! For years now, Apple’s data collection practices have been a matter of concern for users and tech experts. In recent research, researchers have found that Apple continues to track consumers through their mobile apps, even though they had explicitly chosen to turn their tracking off via iPhone settings. In a class action lawsuit, plaintiff Elliot Libman is suing Apple due to its privacy policies which are in violation of the California Invasion of Privacy Act. Libman is suing on behalf of himself and other impacted consumers.

App developers and independent researchers have found that the tech giant is still collecting data about its users across a number of first-party applications even when users have turned off an iPhone setting that promises to disable the sharing of Device Analytics altogether. In fact, Apple’s own apps including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, Books, and Stocks have found that disabling this setting as well as other privacy controls didn’t really have any effect on Apple’s data collection approach. The lawsuit also added that there are no justifications for Apple’s secret, misleading, and unauthorized recording of the user’s personal information.

However, this isn’t the first time that Apple is being sued for allegations of privacy violations. The company has been sued by several plaintiffs for allegations that Apple’s voice-activated Siri is in violation of users’ privacy. Besides Apple, several big tech companies like Google and Meta have also faced many allegations pertaining to privacy concerns around data collection. Quite recently, Google has been charged with heavy penalties for malicious practices to dominate the tech industry. Both Apple and Google have been on the radar of legislators for a long time, however, it is time that global governments work on finding solutions to these mishaps.