Reimagining Partner Profitability and Revenue with CX

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

The future of customer value will be driven by digital engagements 

The world is now heading towards a new year, 2021. Many are hoping that this will bring new opportunities to their businesses. The digital revolution is also around the corner, enabling the corporate world to make significant leaps toward innovation. In all these positive trends, the onslaught of COVID-19 has created severe havoc across all industries and put businesses around the world at standstill. However, the pandemic also paved ways for companies to keep their businesses going by capitalizing on opportunities it brought. This has provided them more time to revisit and rethink what they do, how and why they do it and enable them to break rigid systems and act instantly and much more.

There is no wonder that the pandemic has changed everything; even it has opened further ways to perform business. Companies seek to move to the cloud, become agile and establish strategic partnerships are now ready to act with digital solutions. They are looking to expedite again their digital transformation endeavour with a focus on customers, products, platforms practices and partners. As innovation and digital transformation across the business landscape will continue to grow, Forrester predicts that digital engagement will be the significant driver of customer value in 2021. And digital products and hybrid digital products will drive a greater share of revenue.

The research firm further revealed that 30 percent of Global 2000 companies by the end of 2021 will have a significant digital product portfolio while 20 percent will stand up digital divisions dedicated to launching disruptive products to stimulate their transformation to full ecosystem participation.


Customer Experience for Partner Profitability

Customers today want more value and personalized experience from a brand. They are becoming more informed than ever and expecting enhanced experience as part of every research they do or purchase they make. In this context, Cisco CX Success Portfolio, for instance, helps customers get value for their Cisco technology investments at every step across the lifecycle. The company’s CX Portfolio is also designed with its partners in mind.

Recently, at Cisco Partner Summit Digital 2020, the company’s customer experience (CX) team delivers to the company’s partners innovations, flexibility and insights that will help their business grow and become more profitable. With Lifecycle Advantage, CX Success Portfolio, and PX Cloud, Cisco is helping its partners to get future-ready and ignite profitable growth.

In one another example, when e-commerce giant Amazon realized that it was losing certain customers to brick-and-mortar retailers that could offer customers instant gratification, it began working with partners to deliver items to customers. Not only Amazon, but various companies also work with their partners to fulfill customers’ requirements. Establishing partnerships will provide a company with the ability to identify new service opportunities and grow their business. This is extremely of utmost importance as customer expectation continues growing, forcing companies to deliver a fortified customer experience.