Reasons Why Your Business is Losing Potential Customers

Potential customers

Potential customers

Exploring the causes of losing potential customers despite good sales team

Your sales team works hard to fill the sales funnel, but have you given any attention to the reasons why you are losing clients?

Although you might believe that acquiring new customers is essential to the survival of your company, statistics show that it is simpler to sell to an established clientele. Selling to a current customer has a success rate of 60-70 percent, whereas selling to a new customer has a success rate of 5-20 percent.

There must be a healthy mix between directing your work towards obtaining prospects and preventing client loss, even while it’s OK for your sales personnel to go all out in an effort to gain additional customers.


Limiting the value of communication

Consider the following case: A customer was sold an insurance plan by your sales representative. The representative doesn’t follow up two months later to see whether the client has any questions or whether the service was successful. Any opportunity of cross-selling or up-selling your other services will likely be hampered by such communication gaps, as well as your post-sale service. You begin to lose consumers gradually.

When you have many consumers, this is very difficult. Your sales representatives may find it challenging to keep track of them all and communicate effectively. To automate all the tedious tasks, such as scheduling follow-ups, making email templates, and more, a reliable client management system with strong automation capabilities is helpful.


Team members not coordinating well enough

You have to reassign the accounts of one of your top salespeople who abruptly depart your company. The transfer is disorganised, lacks information regarding prior meetings with prospects, and is sloppy.

In this case, the consumer is likely to notice the internal disarray among your team members as well. The outcome? The customer might not feel comfortable doing business with you if they see your organisation to be unorganised when it comes to its own information.

Having client management software enables you to capture all prior communications, whether they were made via email, phone call, or message, and save them all in one location, eliminating the need for manual handover.


Incomplete impression of the customer

If you don’t have a complete picture of the consumer, it can be very annoying for them to have to repeat information every time they speak to one of your sales representatives. It is nearly impossible for any representative to be familiar with everything that works and doesn’t for every single consumer when dealing with a high frequency of encounters. What if, though, you had a system that handled it for you?

Every single client detail, previous interactions, support requests, and transaction details are recorded by client management software and are readily available at the touch of a button. It enables your team to concentrate on what they do the best sell, maintain, and cultivate connections with customers.


Selling to an existing consumer

How well you do in terms of client retention will depend on whether you ask current customers if they would be prepared to make another purchase from you. A satisfied customer who has already purchased from you might be your best asset because they might end up being your evangelists and telling everyone they know about you.

You can gain a thorough understanding of your client’s demands by using client management software.


Build a lasting relationship

A sale is a transaction, not the beginning of a relationship. What’s the distinction? It occurs when there is a strong emotional bond and a mutually advantageous level of trust between the sales representative and the client.

Keep in touch with your customers, impart helpful product knowledge without being pushy, and become a welcoming rather than intrusive presence in their inbox. Such little actions and deeds can contribute to converting a one-time deal into an ongoing partnership. It’s simple and practical with a tailored customer relationship management system.

You will have more success in your business if you focus on avoiding errors while also strengthening your relationships with clients and giving them more value.


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