Prediction 2021: How Will Customer Experience Reflect in Next Year?

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Businesses will need to focus more on effective customer service delivery?

With emerging business scenarios and customer service delivery, customers’ expectations continue increasing in dramatic ways. This surge is now propelling enterprises to meet their customers’ every expectation to drive an effective customer experience. Most organizations these days leverage meaningful customer insights to personalize their users’ experience and are doing everything to engage new and retain existing customer base.

While the future has always undoubtedly been unpredictable, assessing customer journey and their preferences is challenging. With keeping that in mind, here are the top 6 customer experience predictions for 2021.


Embeddable Experience

Embeddable experience coalesces channels and communication modes across digital and voice, across areas like marketing, sales, and support, for a more unified brand experience. It enhances customers’ integration experience with self-service tools and eases businesses’ support efforts. Going beyond merely notifying of something important, embedded experiences allow one or more actions to be taken to move a business process to the next step.


Changing Consumer Behaviours

As the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly everything in day-to-day life, it presents a substantial transition in consumer beliefs and behaviors. To keep up with or influence those changes, businesses must embrace deep consumer insights. A McKinsey report revealed that 75 percent of consumers in the United States have tried a new store, brand, or different way of shopping during the pandemic. Thus, understanding customers’ preferences, their behaviors and then deliver services according to that will be a game-changer for companies.


Value-Driven Marketing

Unlike conventional marketing approaches, value-driven marketing creates deep, meaningful value in a company’s clients’ businesses or lives. This can help businesses to cultivate lifetime customer loyalty and become a magnet for new clients and prospects. Value-driven marketing simply requires an in-depth desire to serve customers. A company also needs to seek commitment and fulfill that to add value to their clients’ lives and businesses.


Remote Customer Experience

With grappling with socioeconomic circumstances and unprecedented management challenges, a majority of businesses are struggling to supervise, engage, and retain employees and customers alike. In this context, an engaging and motivating attitude from managers is inevitable. This can be constructive in handling remote customers and using technology needed for their remote workers that had long been the mainstream for remote customers.


CX Strategies for Speed and Efficiency

Today, consumers expect their problems to be solved immediately upon contacting customer service. This expectation is forcing customer service representatives to explore novel approaches to address customers’ queries in real-time. Adopting emerging technology to bolster speed and efficiency will help organizations directly to deliver superior customer experience, making impactful relations with customers.


Personalized Customer Experience

When engaging with a brand, consumers want to be treated like a valued customer, with real thoughts, emotions, feedback and values. Since more and more consumers are now shifting to online than physical shopping, customer service agents will need to capitalize on technology like AI and automation that have already taken on more of the busy work in the CX space. They will become the face of a company’s customer service delivery, reflecting their values and building lifelong relationships.