Pod Cars Will Be the Future EV Taxis and Its Cheap!

Pod cars

Pod carsLet’s know about the Pod cars & know how they will be useful for the public transport system

These futuristic transport vehicles will offer an environmentally friendly, clean energy alternative for urban transportation. So there are many companies around the world currently developing various pod cars and personal rapid transit systems. Personal rapid transit (PRT), also known as pod cars or pod taxis, is a public transport system developed for traveling swiftly in congested areas. The Glydways company wants to turn conventional mass public transport on its head, by introducing small, electric automated vehicles or pod cars.

Autonomous Electric Vehicles use AI, next-generation batteries, and others. The advantages of cleaner and quicker transport, electric automated vehicles could potentially accelerate much-needed greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the transport sector. Pod Cars are automated driverless vehicles that will operate on elevated. It can carry four people and operate on a network of specially built guideways. These are light electric vehicles. A Light Electric Vehicle is a land vehicle propelled by an electric motor that uses an energy storage device such as a battery or fuel cell, has two or three wheels, and typically weighs less than 100kg


Personal rapid transit or pod cars or pod taxis:

These Pod cars run on narrow and lightweight guideways that can be elevated, ground level, or under a tunnel to alleviate congestion. They operate much like the traditional rail and streetcar network and are built above busy roads and highways. These Pod car networks will operate much like traditional rail and streetcar networks, on raised platforms above busy roads and highways or underground.  it helps in reducing pollution. A solar-powered pod-taxi costs one-tenth of an ordinary running car.

Personal rapid transit is a new public transportation system designed for swift travel in congested areas. PRT is an innovative urban public transport system jointly developed by the design firm Pininfarina and Vectus Intelligent Transport. It is a lightweight, driverless vehicle, which can be deployed on networks of interconnected tracks. It is designed as an extension of existing pod cars and serves as a subway car on demand, and is used in areas where the demand for transport systems is irregular and high during peak hours.

Pod cars will be convenient, affordable to operate, and beneficial to the environment as they are powered by electricity. And these vehicles are designed to be modern, clean, and aerodynamic, and special care is taken to make them compatible with wheelchairs. The speed of operation on curvy tracks varies depending on the radius of the curvature. It provides on-demand nonstop travel on overhead tracks.

Building new public transport is incredibly expensive, but these pod cars are very cost-efficient. The Glydways company estimates that it costs just $20 million per mile per passenger. There are a lot of cost reductions in terms of this infrastructure. Numerous PRT systems were proposed in India, but they didn’t get implemented. In India, around six states are looking to add pod taxis in some big cities to decongest traffic.


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