Patient Engagement: How Life Sciences is Redefining Patient Services?

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life sciences companies are capitalizing on new technologies and tools to drive effective patient engagement.

The life sciences industry in the last few years has seen rapid transformation driven by heightened clinical innovation, improved patient care, and increased demand of precision healthcare. The industry is also set to transform with recent scientific and technological advances, aging population, immense adoption of digital technologies and more. In this rapidly changing landscape, life sciences companies must deliver the best possible healthcare experience and respond with effective patient care programs. For instance, offering personalized support through data-driven insights, amassing data in a transparent way for effective decision making, and establish communication using omnichannel platforms.

The pursuit of a seamless and evocative patient engagement and experience has always been an integral priority for healthcare providers. Typically, patient engagement relies on organizations’ deepening connections with patients, enabling them to better understand and manage their own health. 

In its published article titled Patient engagement strategies in a digital environment, Deloitte described the essential opportunity for life sciences companies to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives by engaging more closely with them. It also noted that at that time, various technologies were being launched to make patient engagement more holistic and seamless across the spectrum of the new ecosystem, including patient services platforms, wearable health monitors, mobile wellness apps, and more.


Understanding Life Sciences Patient Experience

Since the explosion of digital data accessibility such as electronic health records (EHR), clinical and insurance data, genomics and others, life sciences companies are shifting their focus on delivering personalized healthcare services. They are taking crucial steps to establish an enterprise-grade connected platform to support the entire patient journey. With the increasing proliferation of digital platforms, life sciences firms must leverage a unified patient support solution that can help connect data and systems to medical teams and patients. 

Salesforce Health Cloud, for instance, provides a solution to connect life sciences companies directly to the patient to expedite acquisition, improve onboarding, surge adherence, and glean valuable insights from patient engagements. This new level of functionality is essential to meet the demands of the modern competitive and relentlessly evolving marketplace.


Revolutionizing Patient Engagement with Digital Technologies

Life sciences companies these days are facing an increasing demand of effective care delivery. This soaring demand is forcing them to adopt new solutions that can help alleviate financial burden on patients and organizations alike, while delivering a high level of patient support. Moreover, most healthcare providers are significantly turning to advanced digital technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics backed patient engagement tools. The extensive reach of smart devices and internet connectivity is also helping organizations to enhance healthcare service management and delivery, eventually improving patient engagement.

Moreover, by allowing patients to access healthcare using AI and ML, life sciences companies can have a better understanding of individual patients. This will assist in creating more satisfying patient care.