OpenBrix: Leveraging Blockchain to Deliver Complete Transparency to the Property Sector



OpenBrix, one of the leading UK-based property portals, which empowers tenants, buyers, and agents through transparent engagement and innovative technology. It enables monetization of one’s property portfolio and end-user benefits such as a credit-builder, transaction, and maintenance ledger. 

This platform helps its customers find a perfect home, with comprehensive, expansive property listings in the UKAlthough one can find the perfect property, OpenBrix still helps one to build one’s credit rating via its rent record integration, manage its maintenance records and even sign up for additional services and utilities, all on one easytouse platform built on the blockchain. 

With complete transparency, OpenBrix creates an environment in which registered tenants share their entire history, including rental payments and deposits through their own ledger. This information is delivered securely and transparently. In return, tenants and buyers can get a complete history of agents’ actions, including maintenance issues and communications. 


Revolutionising Property Sector  

Launched in 2017, OpenBrix geared up to challenge and disrupt the UK’s property sector while ensuring full transparency to both agents and consumers. 

The company has been on a journey of development over the past three years, growing and developing the platform through tech innovations and leveraging current events that have enabled it to be reactive to each change in market conditions. 


Providing MultiListing Services 

Even though OpenBrix’s agents can list any number of actual available properties, buyers or tenants are not penalised for having more than what a centralised portal may dictate. 

The company publishes its terms and conditions, and it abides by them. However, agents are not contracted into any specific term of contract, nor are they restricted to the number of other portals they may want to use. 

OpenBrix is in the process of launching the UK’s first MultiListing Service (MLS) and has received incredibly positive feedback from users as well as the market in general. 


An Experienced Leader 

Adam Pigott, CEO of OpenBrix, brings over 30 years of industry experience in property management and development. He also spent 25 years running an independent estate agency, enabling him to have a clear and concise view of today’s market challenges. 

Adam has been instrumental in building the OpenBrix platform and shaping the organization into the company it is today. He has been working on product development with Co-founder Shahad Choudhury and leading other workstreams, including commercial, marketing, and partnerships. 


Ensuring Transparency Using Blockchain 

As an organization, OpenBrix is built on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency of the entire property buying, selling, and renting journeys for both agents and end consumersIt allows tenants to have their verified ID and the right to rent obligations pre-loaded on their device together with a validated rent payment history. This keeps OpenBrix registered applicants stand out from the rest. OpenBrix saves agents time and administration, and associates costs. In addition, it can also act as a form of pre-qualification in the tenant selection process. Adam shares that owing to the blockchain, the company can operate in a democratic ecosystem, ensuring the power of the platform lay firmly in the hands of the agents. 


Enhancing Consumer Experience with Disruptive Technologies 

Adam believes that technology plays a massive role in this business and industry as a whole. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been escalating widely due to the global pandemic that everyone is trying to cope with. OpenBrix is leveraging technology such as AI, virtual reality (VR), and facial recognition daily to add value to the consumer experience. 


Overcoming Business Challenges 

OpenBrix’s entire business is built on innovation, disruption, and challenging the norms. Unlike its competitors who have not innovated over the past ten years, it has built this business around tech invocation to solve real-life business challenges. 

Technology and blockchain have enabled the company to offer a whole host of consumer and agent benefits that none of its competitors offer, enabling OpenBrix to stand out from the crowd. 


Delivering Quality Products 

Like any new business, the company has had challenges amplified throughout this year due to COVID-19. OpenBrix has a strong core team that is well-aligned, a robust road map, and these pull together to ensure it delivers a quality product. 


Shaping Future with Emerging Technologies  

Commenting on the future, Adam says, “We are in a ‘cat and mouse’ race with technology, always looking to challenge the norm and traditional methods. Furthermore, technology is advancing at an astronomical rate, and we are always on the lookout for new tech, innovation, and processes to help shape our future”.