Obi Obadike: Motivating People to Achieve Healthy Body Through Nutrition and Fitness Content  

Perfect Anatomy is an online/one on one training and nutrition consulting company that creates health and wellness content for all platforms such as TV, print and online websites. The company also provides training and nutritional programs digitally to people all over the world and has trained some of the biggest celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Morris Chestnut, ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith, Charlie Ebersol, and many others. Perfect Anatomy also provides affordable fitness training services online for people who can’t afford one-on-one training rates.

An Influential Fitness Leader

Obi Obadike is the CEO of Perfect Anatomy whose role is focused on to create content for all the platforms where the company has been featured on. He is a No#1 best-selling author of a diet and exercise book called ‘The Cut’, in which he co-authored with A-Lister Actor Morris Chestnut which came out in April 2017. He has also co-hosted a National Syndicated Health TV Show called ‘Lifestyle Magazine’ for the past 5 seasons. This TV show airs once a week nationally on Directv, the Hope, and NRB Channel. The National Syndicated Health TV Show is broadcasted in over 60 countries. Obi has been attached to the show for 5 seasons now and in that timeframe, he has won three Telly Awards. He is a certified fitness trainer and nutrition specialist with ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). He is also the Health and Wellness Director of ISSA.

Shaping Industry Through Robust Fitness Program

First of all, Perfect Anatomy is part of the ISSA governing board and its job is to shape the fitness industry. It is constitutive in defining and ensuring the integrity around the core aspects of the Certified Fitness Trainer Program (CFT). The ISSA has certified over 250,000 trainers all across the world. So, Perfect Anatomy oversees the certification program for trainers to make sure it is at the highest level of credibility and integrity.

Also, the company’s job is to create sound and honest educational content to help the average person get healthy and fit. It creates diet and exercise programs that will help people lose weight, maintain their shape or get more fit. The company is also constantly creating educational content every year on the National Syndicated Health TV Show – Lifestyle Magazine as a TV host and on some popular national daytime talk shows as a health and wellness expert guest.

Experiences Create Opportunities

Obi’s past experiences of being turned down to be featured on national magazines or popular high traffic fitness websites during the infancy of his career motivated him to use those NOs as motivation to continue to find people who would say yes and give him the opportunity to be featured on their national magazines and website platforms, etc. The end result was writing for over 150 fitness articles for dozens and dozens of fitness websites and fitness magazines. Gracing over 50 fitness magazines and being featured on just about every major national daytime talk show as a health and wellness expert guest for content. Obi is one of the most published health and wellness experts over the last decade and he is very proud of that.

Creating A Healthy Workout Environment

For innovating or modernizing fitness centers or clubs, Obi believes there is a need for a gym to help someone get in shape. So, his focus has always been on how to modernize the living room to create a quality workout for the average person who can’t afford a gym or doesn’t want to go to a gym.

Technology in Creating A Better Health 

According to Obi the biggest thing is being able to motivate someone to get healthy and in shape on their device. Everybody is on their phone and that is how most of the people get their content. So, the industry right now is evolving to the point of high-powered content on the phone via apps.

Insights for A Secured Future

The negative thing that Obi sees with the fitness industry is everybody thinks they are an expert on social media or on the internet. So, there is no rules or requirements for the type of health and wellness content people create and push out on the internet. What happens with that is they have many people who have no real credibility creating fitness and diet content and is just pseudoscience. And the end result is the average person following these diet and exercise fads that don’t work. And it leads to injuries and major health issues. Obi thinks if the internet or social media governing decision-makers could have some credibility rules on who can post health and wellness content and it could go through some form of accuracy scrutiny before it gets posted. This way, Perfect Anatomy would be able to service the average consumer in a much healthier and educational way.

Advice to Young Minds 

Obi advises not to focus on how much money one is going to make, focus on the love of what one does. And if people focus on the love of what they do and try to be the best at that then the profits will come.