NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher Adopted an Audio-to-Automation Tool

NVIDIA Omniverse launcher adopted an audio-to-automation tool and introduced a feature to elevate its 3D work.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform for creating and operating metaverse applications. This application is everywhere enabling artists to build content across multiple 3D tools, developers to build AIs trained in virtual worlds, etc. Recently, the NVIDIA Omniverse launcher adopted an audio automation tool and introduced a feature to elevate its 3D work.

NVIDIA had announced at a virtual event ahead of the CES 2023 tech trade show in Las Vegas about the expansion of its Omniverse simulation tools that will develop tap generative AI for 3D creation and RTX. NVIDIA Omniverse platform is a platform based on Pixar’s USD and Nvidia RTX technology. 3D artists would benefit from this experimental Generative AI tool. With the inclusion of Audio2Face, Audio2Gesture, and Audio2Emotion in the Omniverse platform, creators can develop facial expressions from audio files. This feature would also allow emotions and gestures along with expressions.

NVIDIA Omniverse is an extensible platform based on USD that enables individuals and teams to build 3D creations and simulate large-scale virtual worlds faster than ever. The Omniverse launcher has released Blender, an open-source world-class 3D modeling application that easily enables Blender users to transfer shape keys and rigged characters. In addition, creators can generate facial expressions from an audio file using Audio2Face, realistic emotions with Audio2Emotion, and realistic upper-body movement using Audio2Gesture. These audio automation tools are game changers for 3D artists. Omniverse’s powerful AI tools simplify complex tasks. Creators can produce high-quality outputs by tapping into these resources that meet the growing demands for content and virtual worlds in the metaverse. The AI-assisted to are expanding to more communities of creative and technical professionals. Nvidia Canvas, which the company recently introduced, has empowered artists and allows RTX users to download an update to Canvas that introduces 360 surround images to create and conceptualize panoramic environments and beautiful images. Creators can access NVIDIA Omniverse for free and they can find resources through Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. All types of 3D creators can take advantage of these new tools to push the boundaries of 3D simulation and virtual world-building.

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