Now Locate a Nearby Café on Google Maps with AR-Based Search



Google Maps with AR-based search will help you find new restaurants, cafes, and street vendors

Google Maps now comes with augmented reality integrated into it! It is one of the most anticipated features that Google Maps users have been waiting for. Reportedly, augmented reality has become a major part of Google Maps. The availability of the Live View feature is known to all of us, however, after the integration of AR into Google Maps, users will be able to use the Live View Search too. Using Google Maps with AR-Based Search will help you find the nearest restaurants, cafes, and other buildings by simply pointing to the phone’s camera and getting all the details. They can also attain the details about shops and figure out which would be a more viable option for them, without standing in a crowded street.

For using augmented reality in Google Maps, users will need access to their phone’s camera to make use of the Live View search feature in AR. Google is deriving all this data that has been collected via Street View images and implementing its AI and AR technology to give immersive and real-time experiences to users.

You can also get in-depth details such as busy hours for a cafe, what are its ratings, and also know if it is open or not. However, Google is limiting the availability of Live View Search in AR to select cities like Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and more for the time being. The feature will be available on Google Maps which will be getting an update within a couple of days, after which they can open the camera through Maps and use this AR feature to search differently.

In the coming months, Google is making big plans to update Maps with more advanced features like air quality information, integration with grocery stores for curbside pickup, and an option to select the most eco-friendly route while driving