No Twitter Blue Badge? A New Breed of ‘Official’ Checkmarks Soon

Twitter Blue Badge

Twitter Blue Badge

The Twitter blue badge launch has been postponed once again, what does the future hold?

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk stated that the company is holding off the relaunch of its Twitter blue badge service, again! This delay is a continuation of the initial tentative timeline to bring back the service on the platform. Earlier, the coveted blue check mark was reserved for verified or special accounts of politicians, famous personalities, journalists, and other public figures. But this new subscription option is opening up new conflicts and complexities among tech leaders and Twitter users.


Elon has already created a lot of fuss with the recent Twitter layoffs. According to reports, Elon is holding off the relaunch of the Twitter blue badge until there is high confidence that the initiative would be effective to stop the outrageous amounts of impersonation of individual accounts. However, Twitter has brought an additional, gray checkmark saying ‘official’ for certain accounts. He changed the color from blue to gray.


Given the speed at which the entire endeavor is coming down as chaos, Twitter decided that it was best to pull out the Twitter Blue feature altogether, making it impossible for users to get any sort of checkmark on their account at all. Currently, the platform is at its most volatile stage. When tweets appear in Twitter’s timeline it’s impossible to visually distinguish the two categories of blue check accounts from one another.


Currently, the spam accounts are all suspended; however, the tweets are gaining traction and have caught the attention of Twitter moderators. Nevertheless, the number of staff on Twitter has significantly reduced, which might make it difficult for the moderators to figure out posts that do not comply with the platform. The state of Twitter is quite confusing right now, making it quite impossible to figure out what the future holds for the platform.


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