NFTs in the form of MetaBirds Race in a New Game

MetaBids Race

Glendale, CA – (November 25, 2021) — On December 20th, minting opens for MetaBirds, a unique new NFT where an Egg is minted, which then reveals a Bird, and that Bird is then raced against other Birds. The winner of the MetaBirds Race is rewarded with tokens.

There will be an initial drop of 10,000 MetaBirds. Once eggs are purchased (or minted), MetaBirds will live on the blockchain and will be permanently owned by the player/owner until they decide to sell it – just like any other NFT. The story of the game itself plays on our new reality of the rising Metaverse, and is described as follows: Many years have passed and humans have been fully immersed into the metaverse. Unfortunately, humans have enslaved 10,000 birds in the meta and host the MetaBirds Race within their gladiator arena. MetaBirds Race are forced to race for their survival.

“MetaBirds are cute and are ready to race,” says the Founder of MetaBirds race, who goes only by the name Albirdo.

MetaBirds is part of the growing trend of playable NFTs. Essentially owners of Meta Birds can earn money by playing them in the race game. Meta Birds will be available on Opensea and owners can also connect on Discord.

Presale Date: December 18th
Presale Price: .08 eth
Public sale date: December 20th
Public sale price: .1 eth


About MetaBirds:

MetaBirds are CryptoArt that live forever on the Blockchain. Starting on December 15th, 2021, 10,000 MetaBirds race with proof of ownership and authentication can be claimed and traded as NFT (non-fungible tokens) on Opensea @MetaBirdsOfficial. More information can be found at

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