Next Generation NBA Players Will Have AI as Coach


AIThe former coach Stephen Curry says AI could help shape the next generation of NBA players

The former coach of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry says AI could help shape the next generation of NBA players. AI isn’t done surprising us yet. Applying artificial intelligence technology to field decision-making in basketball games, real-time display of basketball game field data in real-time, and assisting coaches in-field analysis and decision-making, can provide targeted training goals for daily training, and has strong application value.

Motion capture and artificial intelligence will even help train the next generation of NBA champions. Motion capture is the process of recording the movement of objects or people. The technology originated in the life science market for gait analysis but is now used widely by VFX studios, sports therapists, neuroscientists, and for validation and control of computer vision and robotics. And artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision. Artificial intelligence and motion capture can bring benefits to the masses.


AI could help shape the next generation of NBA players:

Stephen Curry two-time MVP signed the NBA’s first $200 million contract in 2017; he became the first player with two such deals when he inked a four-year, $215 million extension in 2021. An impressive feat for the man nicknamed Chef Curry. The coach devised a training program that transferred power generation to the marksman’s hips. It’s not just the defense that has been improved for next-generation.

The NBA previewed an AI-powered basketball coach based in the digital space of the Metaverse under development at its recent All-Star Tech Summit. Next-generation is resetting and boosting gameplay in a lot of areas, especially around the way artificial intelligence plays ball. The coaching of the AI is better too. They can recognize and adapt to different actions, so don’t think you can just lean on flare screens or back screens all game.

The newest version of this technology, which includes tools to help analyze the data is called Noahlytics and is being used by NBA teams, top college programs, as well as hundreds of individuals. Noahlytics can provide accurate information on the player’s ability.

Players can now control when the AI helps in defense by holding L1/LB for double teams. It allows a coach to sketch a play on the computer and an AI program trained with player movement from the NBA converts these sketches into a simulation of how both teams would move and position themselves during the play.

Artificial intelligence will then come into play to provide “action-oriented” information about the biomechanics of movement. Game planning has been added for both players and AI to use and has more specific plans for the team. Teams could use the findings to improve their existing players, identify new talent, and mitigate injuries. All of these next-generation upgrades focus on realism and make gameplay feel more like true basketball.