Nexi Payments SpA: Leading the Digital Payments Industry with Best-in-Class FinTech Solutions



Nexi Payments SpA is the leading PayTech company in Italy, operating in strong partnerships with over 150 partner banks. The company is listed on the MTA market of the Italian Stock Exchange. Nexi’s integrated end-to-end omnichannel technology connects banks, merchants and consumers, enabling digital payments. The company’s mission is to simplify payments for its clients and digitalize the Italian economy. Nexi operates in three market segments: Merchant Services & Solutions, Cards & Digital Payments and Digital Banking Solutions. 

Nexi strives to change the way individuals and businesses make their day-to-day payments and collections. The company enables all payments digital to make them easier, faster and more secure. That is why Nexi works together with its partner banks to provide high-quality solutions for creating and accepting digital payments that are innovative, simple and secure for individuals, businesses and public administration. Every day, the company works with great commitment and passion alongside its partner banks. Together, Nexi is committed to making every payment digital. 


A Visionary Leader  

Paolo Bertoluzzo is the CEO of Nexi Payments SpAHe joined the group in 2016 and is the master of its profound turnaround. The key vision of Nexi’s transformation has been the creation of a very specialized company, a leading PayTech. It has brought to the restructuring of the group in terms of business focus, dismantling or selling activities not related to payments, with investments on distinct pillars: technology, scale, competences and talents. 

Recently, Paolo has recognized as Inseader of the year 2020 for his long-term vision and extraordinary managerial skills by Insead Business school, Fontainebleau, France. 


Powering FinTech Industry with Inclusive Services  

According to Paolo, Nexi contributes to the Fintech industry in many ways with the following pillars: 

Continuous Innovation: Nexi is among the companies that invest the most in technology in Europe, approximately €150 million per year. This investment is focused on improving the current processes, new product development to better meet customer needs and exploring new technologies that can make its solutions future-proof.   

Unique Skills: Nexi supports people with many years of experience in the payments industry, plus skilled management and other experts from cutting-edge service and technology Companies. 

Maximum Simplicity: Nexi works on the customer-first approach when developing its ideas and setting goals, intending to create and provide products and services designed to simplify payments and everyday life. 

Some of the new products that Nexi brought into the market are: 

  • Nexi SmartPOS designed to provide small merchants with the most advanced technology to accept payments and manage their retail activity from a single instrument; 
  • Nexi Business to ensure that transaction data could be available to merchants to support them in business intelligence; 
  • The Nexi App makes sure that end customer could enhance their credit card with additional functionalities via the app on budget control, security check, engagement and additional benefits. 
  • Mobile and wearable payments that were new to the market. 


Enabling a Digital Banking Environment with Technology 

Nexi Payments SpA, with its Digital Banking Solution division, has developed a major Open Banking system in Italy, which based on the three layers:  

  • The PSD2-compliant layer, developed on behalf of CBI.   
  • The active gateway to support banks in the usage of Open Banking infrastructure. 
  • An eco-system of partnerships and solutions to create end-to-end services for banks and corporations. 

The company perceives that blockchain, AI, and Robo advisory are more involved in payment solutions, especially in open banking solutions, at the center of digital conventions and webinars. 


Innovation Through Unique Payment Services and Key Alliances 

Paolo exclaims that investments in technologies and strong competencies make Nexi innovative. The company is a market leader in diverse industry segments in Italy, including issuing, merchant services, ATM management, interbank corporate banking, and clearing & settlement. 

Nexi Group provides best-in-class payment solutions to support banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, merchants, businesses and public administration. The group delivers solutions from cards to payment acceptance technologies, money transfers between companies and private individuals, and the management of highly complex technical services such as corporate banking. Nexi always focuses on innovation and digital technology, thanks to its skilled people. 

In 2020, Nexi established crucial key partnerships with fintech, open innovators such as Plug & Play, and tech giants like Microsoft and Accenture. 


Crafting the Way to Success  

According to Paolo, Nexi Payments SpA started its transformation in 2016, with over 15 corporate operations (M&A, selling of companies, and more.), among which also the biggest IPO in Europe in 2019. Today, the company has opened a process of double acquisition of SIA Group and Nets Group to grow in scale at the international level, with a European focus. This process will be completed in 2021, subject to all the necessary authorization. 


Remarkable Honors and Achievements 

Nexi has been bestowed with numerous acknowledgments, including: 

  • Financial innovation Italian awards 2020  
  • Honorable Mention at ADI Design Index 2020  
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management  
  • Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard PCI-DSS  
  • Cardholder data security management  
  • UNI EN ISO 2230 Business Continuity Management System  
  • UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System Certification  
  • UNI EN ISO 22301Business Continuity Management System 


The Future of Payments Industry 

Paolo believes that the payments industry is among the most dynamic financial sector today. Penetration of payments in Europe is still very much scattered according to single countries. For example, Italy is one of the markets where digital payments are still below 30% of purchases vs a European average of 45% and top European countries at 70%. Recent regulations and the pandemic emergency are also impacting significantly digital payments usage and competitive pressure.