Need for cloud storage to reduce environmental impacts

Need for cloud storage to reduce environmental impacts

Need for cloud storage to reduce environmental impacts

You know, when I think of cloud storage, the only thought that comes to my mind is that everyone has it. Google, Microsoft, and Apple, the industry giants, provide free limited cloud storage to all the users signing up. They are allowing users to store their GBs of files, making them more e-friendly. 

“More the usage of cloud storage less will be the usage of paper and digital storage, better will be our environment!”


What are the benefits of using cloud storage?

The primary question is why someone should switch to cloud storage? 

Let’s quickly go through a few benefits of using cloud storage. It will answer all your questions regarding the usage of cloud storage. 

  • Lowers the investment – The cost a person pays for a single GB of storage is much cheaper in cloud storage than other options. It reduces the maintenance cost one needs to pay while securing the physical hard drives. 
  • Better data redundancy – Many of us feared losing data once stored inside the physical hard drives. Hence, using cloud storage, you can create a backup, thus securing your data. 
  • Regulation Compliance – The customer’s data privacy policies change from country to country. There is a chance when your data is risky in some countries. Hence, switching to local cloud storage providers will help you to comply with the privacy regulations.
  • Protecting your data from any ransomware – A ransomware is an attack where your computer is locked, and all your files are encrypted unless you pay some fee to recover them. Using cloud storage, you ensure that your data is untouched. 
  • Possibility of remote access – If your company plans to hire remote workers, having a cloud storage service in place will help keep them productive. 

Once you switch your office-based storage to cloud storage, you will find the difference. But, how by using cloud storage, you become eco-friendly?

I would love to start answering your question by creating a situation. 

Suppose you and your organization have several physical hard drives in place to store all the critical data.

If you wish to use it, you will have to use electric power to make it function. But, in the case of cloud storage, you are not using any power. Thus, it reduced your carbon footprint as an individual running/working in an organization.

Please note – In 2017, 1700 million metric tons of carbon wastage were emitted because of unwanted power usage.

Secondly, when your physical hard disks die, it creates e-waste. This is one of the growing problems of the world. 

A survey suggests that e-waste counts for 2% of the total waste in the world, but it counts for 70% of the complete toxic waste. Additionally, this e-waste goes to recycling.

Thus, by using cloud storage, you reduce the toxic waste, reduce the cost of recycling this poisonous waste, and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Hence, we can say that by using cloud storage, you are becoming eco-friendly.



Adopting the eco-friendlier front is necessary if you search for ways to bring your company to the 21st century. Upgrading you and your company from physical hard drives to cloud storage is the best choice you can make. It is becoming the need of the hour.