Naitik Chandak: Propelling Innovation with Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Naitik Chandak

Naitik Chandak Today, disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Analytics have significantly taken the world by storm. Companies across almost every industry are already capitalizing on such technologies to drive innovation and reap big revenue. Recent developments in the field of technology have made it possible for machines to learn from experience by observing their surroundings, adapt to new inputs and perform human-like tasks seamlessly. While industry experts believe that AI is the new future, organizations need to identify different paradigms of this technology for their business growth. 

Beneath Analytics was founded in June 2018 with the vision of simplifying Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for consumers. The company offers a wide range of product development and services in the field of AI and ML. Beneath Analytics also serves multiple industries by following the best software development and consulting practices. The company’s areas of expertise include: 

  • AI Development – Smartening and transforming businesses with accurate Artificial Intelligence algorithms. 
  • Design and Strategy – Converting ideas into reality with proper research and analysis before any development. 
  • Big Data Analytics – The company gets its hands dirty with big and messy data to transform it to generate business-oriented insights. 
  • Automation –Helps with automation powered by Machine Learning for better productivity. 
  • Cloud Development – The company’s expertise lies with all cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, GCP and Azure. 
  • Consumer Technology – Works across all sectors and develops applications powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

Beneath Analytics believes in succeeding together and feels proud when its clients succeed in their business. The company serves multiple industries including Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Automobile, Real Estate, and Hospitality. 


A Passionate Leader 

Naitik Chandak is the Founder and CEO of Beneath Analytics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and completed his graduation in 2017. Naitik’s strong expertise in team management, innovation in product, and visionary actions for research and development in emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning makes him a better future leader.  


Enabling Business Growth with Comprehensive Solutions 

Beneath Analytics provides a wide range of services across different industries that need smarter solutions for the effectiveness of their businesses. The company helps with the product customisation to fill the business gap. Beneath Analytics also assists businesses with the running sequential solutions for their products to get the actual changes that need to be in the next version of their products. The company enables its clients’ products always available to their customers by delivering custom solutions such as sentiment analytics, prediction of audience, and continuous real-time feedback.  

Moreover, Beneath Analytics has a wide range of products including B-Canny: An Artificial Intelligent Conversational Bot that assists businesses in daily work basis; B-SDEA: A smart data entry automation powered by AI and ML algorithms; B-Predict: Identify the potential audience by predictive algorithms for marketing and remarketing; B-Smart Search: Analyse keywords and integrate with a database to improve performance; B-Senti: Understanding the sentiments of customers for betterment of a business, and B-Vision: Use the intelligence of computer vision for every day’s management. 


Disruptive Technologies Drive Innovation 

Speaking on disruptive technologies, Naitik says that AI-ML and Big Data technologies itself have changed the game. Talking about 10 years down the line, life would be much easier, and smart systems and self-learning algorithms would create a very bright future but also sometimes it looks very scary to imagine. 


Rising Over Complexities with Continuous Learning 

Finance is a very big problem when starting a company with a very little amount of money. Also, when it comes to building a team, no one wants to join an early-stage startup with meagre or very small amount of revenue/cash flow. Also, finding the right team who believes in the vision and works hard to achieve is a bit challenging for every early-stage entrepreneur. 

For Naitik, failure has always been the most rewarding teacher. Beneath Analytics is his second startup, as the first one got badly hit with circumstances of finance and bad management. Learning from own mistakes is always a key point of success. 


Remitting Vital Leadership Traits 

According to Naitik, real innovation is only around us. People need to be very active in observing the lives of others they meet on a day to day basis. It could be either their employees, family members, or any third-party person, innovation comes from observations. Naitik has been a very keen observer for a long time and analyses people before coming to innovation. He says, “If I see the genuine problem faced by many people, then simplifying the problem is itself an innovation.” 


AI-Powered Outlook 

Beneath Analytics is progressing at a very good pace in the AI industry. The company believes that every business needs a smarter system to enable customers to have a positive viewpoint for a product. When a system is smart enough to make a choice for a business, it will definitely make a day much easier. There is no wonder that AI is the future of businesses and will add more power to their products. 


Shaping Future Minds 

Giving words of wisdom for emerging business leaders, Naitik opines that leadership is not something that comes with innovation. Leadership is something how someone is being helpful to society and its problems. He mentions taking initiatives towards problems and building scalable solutions along with the right team makes leaders winning.