Myles Peacock: Redefining Content Production with Tech-Powered Innovation


Reaching out to audience through content has a significant emotional impact on the audience. What’s more, in the business world where trust is money brands can harness their content as an incredible sales force. This is actually what has driven more organizations to allow their guard down and start instructing and connecting with audience through the power of content.

Not to forget how technology is also changing the way content is produced and delivered. One such company effectively integrating technology with content is CreativeDrive.

CreativeDrive is a tech-based, global production services company offering bespoke content solutions at unprecedented speed and scale. With 150+ content creation studios around the world all operating under one platform, CreativeDrive is agile, borderless and develops fit-for-purpose custom solutions. Located across the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia, it is strategically based in economically and culturally smart cities that inspire a fresh, creative point of view for unmatched content in any format.

The company combines technology, art and talent to offer custom, scalable solutions to clients. Its proprietary software and built-in end-to-end technology guarantee transparency, efficiency and data learnings. Clients include Walmart, Hilton, Hewlett Packard, The Home Depot, Estee Lauder, Kate Spade, Coach, Gatorade, Diageo and many more.

As a “cutting-edge” disrupter, it challenges outdated agency models, structures and engagements to address the real-time client “end to end” needs of the consumer’s journey in today’s modern-day world.

It is focused on providing an agile content production model via its full-stack in-house capabilities in conjunction with a globally diverse talent pool of creators, makers and doers. This combination coupled with right-shore capability and gig economy results in a product extraordinaire. The company is completely borderless with one accountability; that is, to ensure its clients’ success and exceed their expectations.

The Initiator

Myles Peacock as the CEO of CreativeDrive is focused on supporting its exceptional talents of over 1,000 talented photographers, filmmakers, motion graphic designers, app developers and numerous other specialists. Myles also heads the CreativeDrive’s global executive team’s strategy, client service and performance offerings, continuously seeking to simplify the content creation cycle for the benefit of clients and brands.

Myles grew up in the United Kingdom, and for the last 20+ years has been living and working across Europe, North America and Asia – on the client-side, within Agency holding companies as well as independent production networks.

Making a Significant Difference

Myles has gained a multitude of experiences along the journey from owning and building worldwide businesses and integrated large businesses into a large public holding company structures. Myles believes in looking through a different lens either culturally working across different international markets, or from a client’s and supply partner’s perspective.

Ultimately, he tries and looks at all engagements with a business logic approach of how it can add value and make a difference. “Our role on the marketing services side continuously seeks ways to simplify the content creation cycle and reduce production costs, while also employing a dedicated and uncompromising approach to the production of the highest calibre creative entity”, said Myles.

As an individual, he strives to always learn from both his experiences and his colleagues. Myles would consider the attempt to positively influence the success, development and growth of others a major achievement. He has tried to carry with him, along the journey, a human connection demonstrating appreciation and value for everyone in his organization.

Hallmark of Achievers

Myles has led CreativeDrive gain industry recognition as a new business model that ideates, produces and delivers high-quality content quickly, at massive scale, in any language, across any channel or trend, geo-targeted and optimized for e-commerce and data analysis.

He has been fortunate to have gathered many awards along the journey. Industry awards are always appreciated, but specific client recognition as in “supplier of the year” from Estee Lauder stands out as a job well done. This represented the exceeding of a client’s expectations. Myles believes that it was a wonderful source of corporate and team pride.

“At the end of the day you grow client relationships at the speed of trust, so a trusted partnership is the start and finish line of all our endeavours”, added Myles.

Future Prospects 

Myles believes that it is an incredibly exciting time for the marketing services industry. Change is accelerating with technology increasingly acting as an enabler, so harness it, embrace change and adapt with agility.