Musk’s Twitter Gets a Revamped Blue Subscription Product!



Musk’s Twitter will offer verification to paid users, but what happens to the existing users?

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is about to introduce an ‘official’ label for verified accounts including those from major media organizations, companies, and government agencies, as soon as it launches its new US$8 premium subscription product. Elon Musk plans on revamping the entire platform with the Twitter Blue subscription product, which will allow paid users to carry blue check marks on their accounts, however, it will not verify users’ identities.

Currently, the lack of ID verification is raising massive concerns in the Twitter community about the possibility of people impersonating real public figures. Such concerns are already holding off on the launch of the new version of Twitter Blue until after the US midterm elections. Elon’s new Twitter aims to promote transparency and free speech, and the creation of fake accounts for government officials is a recurring issue for Twitter, besides, the further creation of more fake accounts will only misuse Elon’s aims for the platform.

As mentioned above, not all Twitter accounts will receive the blue tick mark for verification. Accounts that will receive the official label include governments, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers, and other public figures. But some experts believe that the introduction of a new label system along with the existing check marks will only create more confusion. Besides, the official label comes after an internal push by Twitter policy executives, who have strong feelings that not all government officials will pay subscription fees for the blue verification product, and this will only continue the existing verification problems.

Currently, there have been no proper clarifications about the implementation of the blue tick product, Elon is now focusing on firing employees and hiring them back, and revamping the Twitter platform for revenue growth.