Murder In Metaverse! Why Should Virtual Killing Be Brought Under The Law?

Murder in Metaverse  Here’s how Committing murder in metaverse could get you punished in the future.

According to the UAE’s minister of state for artificial intelligence, new rules should be enacted to prevent people from committing crimes such as murder in metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual world where people can use an avatar to live, work, and play. Although it does not yet exist, IT corporations are pouring billions of dollars into its development. However, there are several safety concerns around its development.

The realistic character of any metaverse that emerges could allow people to be frightened in ways that aren’t now feasible. It may terrify you, but it will not produce the memories that cause you to get PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as a result of it. However, if someone comes and murders in metaverse, and you witness it, it brings you to a point where you need to enforce strongly across the universe because everyone agrees that certain actions are undesirable.

Establishing international metaverse safety rules that people must follow regardless of where they live. On the internet, for example, there are uniform norms in place to combat drug trafficking and child pornography. Passporting from one metaverse platform to another is also necessary. So, if Meta creates something and Magic Leap creates something else, there has to be some form of interchange between them.

Meta (previously Facebook), noted on the same panel that when it comes to the metaverse, the globe needs international norms. It’ll probably be something along the lines of a rating system, which we have for films, music, and other forms of entertainment so that a parent or a young kid can get a sense of what the rules are in the setting they’re going to walk into.

On the subject of monetizing the metaverse to make money via adverts in the metaverse. If you want free services at scale advertising will be the logical business model for it, as it has been since print. The founder of the virtual world platform Second Life stated that the metaverse should be ad-free. it’s a huge risk if we transfer those (commercial) algorithms, which rely on making predictions about what you want and proposing things to you, and in some cases, We believe, it will manipulate our behavior. The model that has to function in the metaverse is a transaction or a fees model rather than an advertisements approach. This would entail purchasing digital items as well as subscriptions.

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