Moving Your Business Across State Lines Easily

Business across state lines

Business across state lines


State-to-state moving companies are only one aspect of a successful corporate relocation. Knowing how to plan, organize, and maintain employee morale also goes a long way toward a successful move.

Interstate Corporate Moves Made Easy

The most challenging aspect of interstate corporate moves is the logistics involved. From packing up a large office to transporting furniture and equipment all while keeping downtime to a minimum, it can be a daunting process. But with the right professional help, an interstate corporate move can be smooth and hassle-free.

Every year, many businesses across the USA decide moving one state to another to support expansion, for the benefit of tax purposes or to be closer to a target demographic is best for the business. But not all of these moves go as planned – leading to reduced profits, low productivity, and even costly damages to operational equipment.

To avoid the pitfalls of an interstate corporate move gone wrong, it’s recommended to follow these best practices from experts trained in the art of corporate moving state-to-state.

Start a Planning Committee

As soon as the decision to move has been made, start a planning committee. This will be made up of staff members and various experts from different areas that need to be considered in the move, including IT personnel, marketing specialists, legal counsel, and any other relevant parties.

The first order of business for the committee? Start a moving checklist. According to Harrison Gough, an interstate moving specialist at, “A moving checklist should be created even before considering any state-to-state moving companies. It’s the foundation for getting everything done right so there is minimal disruption to everyday operations.”

Once a checklist of office inventory, needed packing supplies, moving timelines, and other details are listed, it’s time to delegate tasks and move on to the next step.

Secure Professional Help

When it comes to an interstate corporate move, the best decision is to secure professional help from a reliable moving company that has experience with corporate moves. A professional moving company can handle all aspects of the move, including packing, loading, transport, and unloading.

Moreover, commercial movers are equipped and qualified to handle sensitive equipment and can ensure that your items, such as servers, computers, phones, and other IT equipment, are transported securely.

It’s also essential to look for a moving company specializing in interstate moves, as they will be more familiar with the different state laws and regulations regarding these types of relocations. Doing your research before selecting a mover can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

Pro tip: Try to get at least three quotes from companies specializing in corporate moves to compare services, costs, and reviews.

Digitize To Save On Moving Costs & Time

With the smart move of hiring professional full-service movers to assist with labor-intensive moving tasks, much of the moving process becomes a whole lot easier. But there’s still one more way to further cut down on costs, money, and energy: digitizing.

Digitizing as much as possible before the move will significantly reduce the amount of items that need to be packed up, transported, and unpacked – thereby reducing moving costs. This includes digitizing documents, photos, and other files, as well as backing everything up in a cloud service.

Considering the conditions office equipment can face during interstate moves, digitizing also makes sense as a security measure to protect sensitive information.

Use Freelancers to Supplement a Smaller Workforce

In addition to taking advantage of the benefits of digitizing, it’s also wise to outsource some of your operations and workflow. During an interstate corporate move, the extra help could reduce disruptions in productivity due to services being offline and limited staffing.

So, this could be a perfect opportunity to utilize the services of freelancers and other professional contractors who can help keep operations running smoothly while your staff is busy with the move.

From simple customer support inquiries to more complex tasks, freelancers can help bridge the gap and ensure that your business remains operational during a move. Additionally, it allows employees to prepare for the move without the additional stress of having to take on more workload.

Switch Up Workplace Policies

Much of the hassle experienced during a long-distance commercial move is related to employees who are relocating. Therefore, it’s important to be sensitive to the needs of your workforce and appreciate the additional stress they may be experiencing during this transition.

In order to make things easier for staff members who are moving, it’s a good idea to switch up some workplace policies before and after the move takes place. This may include extending project deadlines, allowing employees to work remotely, and offering flexible hours.

Remember, compassion and understanding are key factors in ensuring a successful interstate corporate move with minimal disruption to everyday operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much do office moves cost?

The cost of an office move depends on various factors, including the distance traveled and the weight of items being moved. However, it’s important to note that professional movers usually offer discounted rates for corporate moves – especially when combining multiple services such as packing, unpacking, storage, and more.

2.What do I need to consider when selecting an interstate mover?

When choosing a professional moving company for an interstate move, it’s vital to choose one registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to conduct interstate moves.

3.How can I save time and money during an interstate move?

There are several ways to cut down on costs and time during an interstate corporate move. These include digitizing as much as possible, hiring professional movers to assist with the move, utilizing freelancers to supplement a smaller workforce, and switching up workplace policies before and after the move.

4.Can I ask employees to help move the office?

It’s not recommended to ask employees to assist with the physical move, as this could lead to injuries and cause a disruption in operations. It’s best to have professional movers handle the packing, loading, moving, and unloading of items for an interstate move.

Hassle-Free Office Moving From State To State

With the right preparation, an interstate corporate move is easily doable without losing productivity or profits. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to everyday operations.


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