Millionaires Are Working for Bitcoin and There’s Nothing Else They’d Rather Do



Here are the top three millionaires who work full-time on Bitcoin

Over the years, the crypto-verse has attracted a diverse range of people. While some remained committed to the industry, a few others left as soon as Bitcoin [BTC] fell below $20,000. Despite this, institutional investors have increased their BTC holdings, building up capital and buy bitcoin every chance they get. Furthermore, the executives of these firms have been attempting to increase their visibility in the crypto-verse by quitting their full-time jobs.

Here are three billionaires who quit their executive jobs to work full-time on crypto, or more specifically, Bitcoin


1. Michael Saylor

The most recent step down from his position was the CEO of Microstrategy. Saylor co-founded Microstrategy in 1989 and has served as its CEO ever since. He recently announced that he would take on the role of Executive Chairman instead of concentrating on Bitcoin. It should be noted that Saylor has been putting a lot of money into Bitcoin. In June, the company received 480 BTC worth $10 million. The recent BTC collapse cost the firm $918 million in the second quarter on its BTC holdings. Saylor has repeatedly endorsed and evangelized the community’s use cases for Bitcoin.


2. Jack Dorsey

In addition to investments, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been working with Block on cryptocurrency. Dorsey began his Bitcoin journey despite being the CEO of one of the largest social media platforms. He said the same thing last year at a crypto conference in Miami. The Twitter board anticipated this with his monthlong trips to Africa to look into Bitcoin-focused companies, his consistent tweets about the king coin, and his overall interest in the industry. Furthermore, he stepped down from Twitter’s board of directors during the Elon Musk-Twitter acquisition. Dorsey has been seen investing his time and money in the development of an “open Bitcoin mining system” over the years. His most recent interest is developing ‘Web5,’ a hybrid of Web3 and Web 2.0 based on Bitcoin. Block also plans to build a BTC lighting infrastructure. It should be noted that he collaborated with Jay-Z to establish a “Bitcoin Academy.”


3. Jack Mallers

Jack Mallers has a long history in the brokerage industry. Mallers’ grandfather was the chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade, and his father was the founder of one of Chicago’s essential futures brokerages. Mallers launched Zap, a payment app for cannabis dispensaries. However, his interest in Bitcoin compelled him to launch Strike, a popular Bitcoin payment app. He partnered with Shopify to bring Bitcoin to the masses. Furthermore, he made a significant contribution to El Salvador’s transformation into a Bitcoin hub. The strike has proven to be a successful application in El Salvador. Mallers is even referred to as the “Architect” of El Salvador’s Bitcoin project. While Bitcoin remains at $23K, despite much hate, speculation, and love, innovators and entrepreneurs will likely rush into the industry.