Microsoft’s Super App to Boost Company’s Advertising Business



Microsoft’s super app will end Apple and Google’s market monopoly, once and for all

Microsoft Corp has recently declared its plans to build a ‘super app’ that will include shopping, messaging, news, and web search services among others. The Windows maker has declared building the application to unhinge the hold of Google and Apple on the mobile search space. Besides this, Microsoft executives also wanted the application to boost the company’s multibillion-dollar advertising business and Bing search, as well as draw more users to Teams messaging and other mobile services.

Even though Microsoft has not immediately responded to these allegations, however, this super app is described as the Swiss army knife of mobile applications, offering a suite of services for users such as messaging, social networking, peer-to-peer payments, and e-commerce shopping. This is one such application that is making rounds in the tech community that promises to offer everything under one roof, just like the super app named ‘X’ that is about to be launched by Twitter’s new chief Tesla Inc.

The ad monopoly of Google and Apple over the smartphone industry has disturbed the dynamics of the tech industry. There have been several drawbacks of this monopoly but several other tech comings are jumping in to stop this dominance and take over some part of the tech industry and reign over it. Microsoft is one such company that has decided to put an end to this decade-long dominance of the two tech giants and take over the recognition that the company was long overdue.


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