Microsoft to Provide Acceleration to Generative AI Development



Generative AI development has become Microsoft’s motto for innovation and development

Several interesting things are happening in the AI world right now. The use of artificial intelligence over the past couple of years has been extremely critical for industries across the world. Another branch of AI that is making great strides in Generative AI. The technology can be used to create innovative and avant-garde videos and images. Popular AI art generators like Dall. E and Stable Diffusion are powered by Generative AI. The popularity of Generative AI is growing dramatically and major big tech companies are tapping into its potential to generate fruitful organizational outcomes, however, Generative AI development is still critical.

One of the providers of the technology is d-Matrix, which is a labeled expert in digital in-memory computing (DIMC) technology that isn’t publicly available yet but has already gotten the attention of Microsoft. d-Matrix and Microsoft have partnered up to work on project Bonsai and accelerate the development of the d-Matrix DIMC technology, which the two tech innovators hope will provide significant developments for AI inference.

Project Bonsai has been under development at Microsoft over the past couple of years and is currently available only as a preview. It is a platform that will enable the user’s version of deep reinforcement learning. The initial target for Project Bonsai is undergoing industrial controls, including chip design and manufacturing. A part of the technology is capable of training models using a high-level language called Inkling to train deep reinforcement agents to do control tasks.

Via Microsoft’s Bonsai project, d-Matrix currently has a compiler that can build deep reinforcement learning tools for its silicon. A key end goal of d-Matrix is to help support the continued growth and development of generative AI models. In a nutshell, Microsoft is planning on leveraging generative AI to accelerate its tech development and innovation.