Microsoft Might Integrate New AI Tool GPT-4 to its Search Engine

Microsoft Might Integrate New AI Tool GPT-4 to its Search Engine

Microsoft Bing integrates the new AI tool GPT-4 into its search engine in the coming weeks. Read this article to know more about New AI Tool GPT-4.

Microsoft’s Bing may soon be integrated with GPT-4, an upgraded version of ChatGPT. A report by Semafor, courtesy of the outlet’s sources, provides information about GPT-4. The new AI tool is said to be much faster than GPT-3, which is currently used to power ChatGPT. Speed will be critical in any integration of AI into Bing searches.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that generates text using artificial intelligence. The same technology that enables the tool to generate content could also be used to search the web for answers to search queries. Because ChatGPT is based on machine learning, it will improve over time.

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella stated earlier this year that AI will be built into all of Microsoft’s products in the future. Bing is an obvious candidate for artificial intelligence enhancement, and Microsoft has already taken steps in that direction. In some areas, DALL-E image generation is now available through Bing. Previous reports suggested that Microsoft would incorporate ChatGPT into Bing.

According to reports, OpenAI will also release a ChatGPT mobile app. According to Semafor, video generation is also in the works for OpenAI’s DALL-E. That tool can generate images, but it would be much more useful if it could also generate videos.

When Semafor asked, Microsoft and OpenAI declined to comment.

In other news, Microsoft announced today that OpenAI and GPT-3.5 will be available in Microsoft Teams Premium as part of a new feature called ‘intelligent recap.’

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Artificial intelligence is arguably the most talked-about topic in technology right now. While AI has been a buzzword for years, it is now available to the general public through tools such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. AI is being used to create content, improve video calls, and translate human speech while mimicking the voice of the speaker. We’ve finally arrived at a point where AI isn’t just a pipe dream for future technology.

Bing has lagged behind Google since its inception, and it was long assumed that Microsoft couldn’t do much to close the gap. AI functionality may be critical if Bing is to gain market share. According to reports, the rapid rise of ChatGPT’s popularity has scared Google into changing its plans. Perhaps Microsoft will be able to capitalize on the current AI moment.

Meanwhile, to remain competitive, Google is increasing its efforts in testing large language models similar to ChatGPT and developing new AI search products. Executives have launched a project codenamed “Atlas” and tasked engineers with developing a similar system. According to CNBC, employees are also experimenting with a chatbot called “Apprentice Bard” to build a search desktop application based on its LaMDA language model.

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