LUXE Digital Now: Pioneer in Creating Digital Marketing and Technological Solutions for Luxury Industry

Business Leaders

Business Leaders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an important asset in the E-commerce industry. Emerging technologies bring in new possibilities in sectors that could turn its face towards automation and digitization. The fashion world is no exception. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications like augmented reality and virtual assistance are bringing an evolution of using technology to fulfil customers need. Starting from apparel designing to manufacturing process and virtual merchandising, AI is invading every nook and corner possible. Virtual make-ups and trial rooms are exciting fanatics of fashion with technologies that feel like dream. The fashion sector is now ushering into a new era of technology-led disruption. LUXE Digital Now LLC is one of the innovative digital marketing and technology solutions company that is leading beauty industry into the era of digitisation 

LUXE Digital Now LLC is a luxury digital marketing and technology solutions company. It specializes in the beauty industry overview and innovates, designs and strategizes the best delivery in digital marketing and technology solutions. The company features building social media campaigns, e-commerce and content management platforms that strengthen businesses. LUXE Digital Now creates campaigns and content that move people. The company develops strategies and experiences that elevate brands and engage consumers. LUXE Digital Now develops branding that exudes the best. The company creates technologies that execute data and elevate mobile apps. LUXE Digital Now specializes in the beauty, luxury, fashion and technology industries. 


Leading with a Commitment to Deliver Digital Solutions 

Jacqueline Hudson is the CEO, Founder and owner of LUXE Digital Now. She is an award-winning visionary marketing executive with 10+ years of creative content expertise within digital marking platforms. Jacqueline was recognized by Forbes Magazine and is an AMA award nominee. She is one of the outpacing competitors and is delivering results for top-named clients in the US. Jacqueline was named among Top 40 under 40 by Top 100 Magazine for a digital marketing expertise. She was featured in Top 50 Women of 2019. Jacqueline is the winner of the Top 50 Tech Leaders Award 2020. She is one of the inspirational speakers at the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association), the world’s most prestigious association for content in the Public Relations industry. Jacqueline is also a digital marketing executive and AI data technology solutions, strategist and developer. As a successful leader, Jacqueline’s most prominent experience has been lecturing to 14 countries about the digital marketing industry.  


Learning to Succeed Amidst Challenges 

Jacqueline believes that challenges come and go, but a leader of any company should face it. Building LUXE Digital Now’s reputation was the key to the success of the firm, especially in the technology arena. She thinks that establishing clients was also of prominence. 


Living the Life to be an Example 

Jacqueline opines a leader should possess the strength, vision, and determination to move forward not just as an individual, but also as a leader. Being an inspiration to colleagues and employees is a vital success of leadership.  


Excelling with Data Technology Solutions  

LUXE Digital Now has contributed a lot of innovative technologies to the beauty and luxury agencies across the globe. Some of the data technology solutions involve AiDAS, the company’s smart mirrors and software development for the cosmetic industry. LUXE Digital Now has blazed the trail for innovation in technology. 


Disruptive Technologies, a Necessary Challenge  

Jacqueline presumes that disruptive technologies are a necessary challenge to the industry as LUXE Digital Now continues to develop the tech for today’s innovation and the impacts it has on companies. She believes that the role of a leader in disruptive technology is to keep the industry reflective and innovative to impact on the correct sector as technologies continue to evolve in the future. 


Insight into the Future 

Jacqueline sees LUXE Digital Now as the purveyor and successor in the industry of technology led by great female leadership. LUXE Digital Now might as well take on new technologies such as space exploration AI and deeper tech for space, e-commerce and holographic AI technologies in future. 


Advice to Emerging Leaders 

Jacqueline asks leaders to always believe in themselvesand the innovation of successful leadership. She adds that leaders should trust the innovation for the industry as a whole, as they continue to move forward towards the future.