Livewords: Connecting Cultures by leveraging Language Translation Technology

Language Translation

Language Translation

Language Translation is amongst the emerging sector of the tech world. Traditionally, language translation is understood as converting one language into another. In technology, language translation involves the interpretation of one language or multiple languages with sophisticated modernized tools that heavily rely on software to accomplish the task. Modern language translation conveys the information without altering the tone or context of the language.  

With the growing demand for scaled-up customer engagement, many companies leverage this evolving technology to assist their clients with language translation. One such company that has provided a platform for its clients with language translation is Livewords 

Livewords began its journey in 1992 under the name Concorde. The company has since grown to become a market leader in the Benelux and ranks among the world’s top five largest interpreting services. Livewords has also earned the 30th position worldwide as a translation agency. Livewords has a network of 3,300 interpreters and translators and is a specialist in a range of sectors, including legal, financial, life sciences, technical, public services, marketing & e-commerce, retail

Acolad, the parent organization of Livewords, is a European leader in language services and one of the most dynamic businesses in the industry. The group has a presence in 14 countries across three continents and distinguishes itself by its multi-local market approach, a rare trait that has made it the preferred partner of many clients worldwideAcolad offers a wide range of language and learning services for all industries and sectors, including translation, localization, interpretation, language training and e-learning. The Acolad group maintains a strong partnership with over 18 000 professional translators and learning professionals, all highly-trained specialists.  


Offering Services through Horizons 

Benjamin du Fraysseix, the owner of the family-owned company, has steered the company from a small agency to a world player. Acolad was born 25 years ago with its roots in family business that has expanded internationally to provide its clients all over the world with excellent language services and technologies. The group is proud of what makes it different. Acolad gives its patrons access to the resources of one of the world’s leading language services providers while offering them the proximity, flexibility and market knowledge of a local partner. The group’s mission is to assure their credibility on any given market, for any given service. Acolad helps its clients be local everywhere. 


Delivering Localized Communication 

Livewords helps its clients to localise the content or communication. The company combines people with the right tools to help them be local everywhere. Livewords provide fast, reliable, personal, and tailored work for every client.  


Working towards Success 

Acolad works together to make great things happen, and the group holds its work to the highest standard. It will continue on its mission, delivering value its clients, partners, and employees, and treat them with respect and goodwill at all times. 


Developing an Innovative Solution for Clients 

Livewords emphasizes on innovation and pair human expertise with the most recent technologies. The company states one good example for this, the app Livewords GO allows people who do not speak Dutch to be put on the phone with an interpreter in real-time when dealing with authorities, medical staff, or the administration. 

In 2018The Livewords translation agency took over Utrecht-based Metamorfosemaking it the third major Livewords Hub. The takeover by Livewords lets Metamorfose combine professional competence and the latest innovative tools, enabling them to respond faster and more effectively to the growing and increasingly complex needs of clients. 


Prestigious Business Accomplishments 

The group is ranked 12th as the Language Solution Provider (LSP) in the world. With its strong Acquisition and Merger background, Acolad has recently announced the intended acquisition of Luxembourg-based AMPLEXOR International.  

Stichting Livewords (Livewords Foundation) is a non-profit part of Livewords that helps people overcome language barriers. In this program, the group provides language training to detainees, helps small companies and individuals with charity work, helps refugee organisations, and supports other charities. In 2019, Livewords was awarded the DJI Impact Award by the Custodial Institutions Agency for Livewords’ effort in language training provided to detainees.