Lamborghini expects for 50% climb in India sales

Italian brand luxurious sports car manufacturer, Lamborghini looks forward to India sales to be in the fast lane this year. It is expecting above 50% growth because of the increasing demand for the newly launched SUV Urus.

Lamborghini trades cars upwards of Rs 3 crore, and it has been observing strong numbers after Urus hit the market last year. The impulse to numbers is coming both from larger metros and smaller cities such as Ludhiana, Kanpur, Bhubaneswar, Indore, Surat and Hubli, company head Sharad Agarwal told TOI.

Last year, the company sold 45 units (26 units in 2017), and as per Sharad demand will be more in 2019. This company, a part of Volkswagen group of Germany sells cars through three dealerships at Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

According to Sharad, as present volumes are not that big, but the company thinks that the numbers will increase significantly in coming years. But, by international standards, the company is still a good competitor and it had proved it by registering worldwide sales of 5,750 units last year and in Asia-Pacific sold 1,301 units.

Matteo Ortenzi, CEO for the company’s APAC region, said as India stays one of the high-potential markets for the company, there are certain worries on the policy side. “The level of taxation (import duty) remains high. And, even though we may live with that, a major irritant is the sudden change in taxation. We need consistency.”