Kristen Carroll: Accelerating the Future of Enterprises with Strategic Business Solutions

Kristen Carroll

The LMC Group has been providing fractional management and executive services to organizations nationwide and in various industries since 2014. Headquartered in Manchester, NH, LMC is a team of experts specializing in human resources, finance, operations, and public relations/social media and has worked closely with its clients to help them reach their goals. Some keep the company as on retainer, while others hire it for specific project work: regardless of the form its services take, the company is committed to astonishing its clients.

The LMC Group is a certified women business enterprise and women-owned small business, founded by Kristen Carroll, a Business Artist and CEO of the company.

Kristen launched her first business, a search firm, in 2003, just a few years after entering the workforce. After some time as the director of talent acquisition and management for a large, multi-site health system in Boston, she opened a successful healthcare consultancy. As a long-time business consultant, Kristen has also worked with organizations of different sizes and scopes, helping to select and manage top-tier talent, developing branding and marketing strategies, creating operational efficiencies, and laying the groundwork for secured and vibrant futures.

“When several companies looking for guidance started reaching out to me, I saw a real opportunity to spread knowledge and leverage experience to help them reach their potential. Working with small- to mid-sized businesses resonated with my ideals and values, so I launched The LMC Group, a management services firm providing expert-level solutions to small businesses, in 2014. I revelled in the ability to work with companies who had the interest, needs, and agility to incorporate solutions and suggestions with ease—a major contrast to the corporate world,” said Kristen.

Leveraging the work she had done in other industries, Kristen put together an amazing team of experts passionate about the mission and possibilities. While Kristen still consults with clients, at this point she functions more as LMC’s chief vision officer, thanks to the excellent work of her team.

Creating Ways to Success with Failures

Kristen has learned more from her failures than from her achievements. She says, “Entrepreneurs should be willing to take risks and try unconventional things, and it’s our failures that give us direction.”

Attributes of Innovative Leadership

Speaking on vital attributes for innovative leaders, Kristen says, “Question everything. Copy nothing…unless it’s something another innovative leader created. The vital attribute of any innovator is the ability to see things others don’t see, to go places others don’t think of going, to solve problems that don’t yet have a solution, to fearlessly leap knowing you may fail, and likely will, and the confidence to keep going, no matter how many times you fall.”

Listening to Target Audience to Impel Innovation

When it comes to innovative products and solutions Kristen feels that the easiest part of being an entrepreneur is developing innovative products and solutions. She believes that if you listen to your target audience, you will hear their common needs rise above the fray, and then your innovative solutions are born out of their needs. “Innovation is not about giving people a solution they don’t need; it’s about providing an answer that has never yet been offered,” Kristen added.

Understanding Technological Advances to Transform Businesses

Commenting on today’s transformational technologies, Kristen says, “Disruptive technologies have existed since the dawn of time and innovation, but we started calling them disruptive, and now we think that’s somehow a new thing”.

She cites the example of sending information from one person to another. While we might jokingly refer to courier pigeons, they used to be a reality. So was the US postal system. Then this disruptive technology called email came along. Similarly, marathons were born out of the need to run long distances to deliver news, but then we had disrupters such as the telegraph and the telephone, and that changed everything. Every new technological solution can be seen as a disrupter. Sometimes we just call that progress, but that’s not today’s catchword. With that said, the role of the leader has always been the same: in order to lead, you must know where you are going. If you don’t have an understanding and appreciation for technological advances, as well as any advances that may impact and change the scope of your business, it’s time to let the next one lead.

Winning Over Challenges

On challenges that Kristen faced during her initial phase of the journey, she responds, “The beginning was fine, it was the middle years that were challenging. As a fledgling company in an unknown and untested space and market, we didn’t have the benefit of learning from the mistakes of others. Thankfully, our own mistakes gave us plenty of material to work with!”

Unlocking the Future Mission

According to Kristen, LMC only takes on projects that they love to do, that they are the best at doing, and that make them money. This focus makes it easy for them to decide which services to offer, now and in the future.

Word of Advice to Emerging Business Leaders

In her advice to budding leaders, Kristen said that as long as you are humble, you can listen to yourself first and then turn to others. It’s not that you can’t learn great things from existing leaders: you absolutely can. However, new ideas and perspectives can be dampened by reverence for accomplished perspectives, and no one benefits from that. While you have unique ideas and solutions in your mind, chase them. Learn from others always, but bet on yourself, trust your instincts, and know that it’s better to take a chance and swing for the fences, than bunt and land on first.