Key Skills That Every Business Manager Needs to Have



The role of a manager is not obtained easily. Most careers will require you to prove that you have the right personality type, and in business, you will often need a degree in Business and Management to qualify for such a role. However, there are certain skills that every business manager needs in order to be successful.

The skills in question have nothing to do with your academic ability or previous qualifications. Instead, this article will look at the specific abilities that you will need to hone in order to deal with the daily challenges of business management.



Problem-solving is a skill that encompasses a lot of criteria. You will have had to write essays and demonstrate leadership during the education process; however, these are both things that you can prepare yourself for. A good business leader should have the ability to solve problems in the workplace without hesitation.

This is a skill that comes with experience, so be patient and remember to try and learn from your mistakes.



As a manager, you will be updated on all the communication methods used by the company. These will most likely include emails, video-calling, and texts. Unfortunately, you are going to have to become adept in all these practices, learning what the appropriate etiquette for each format is. For example, hyperbole does not read well in an email, so it is best to be precise and factual when using this form of communication.

What’s more, you will need good communication skills when you are talking to your employees face to face. Again, this is a skill that will develop over time; however, you may also find it useful to learn more about body language. Remember, miscommunication is one of the leading causes of error in business, so try to brush up your communication skills as best you can.


I.T Skills

Technology is always progressing, and it can be difficult for some employees to keep up. As a manager, you will be their first port of call when it comes to IT problems, which means that you are going to need to stay ahead when it comes to computers.

Computer technology is fundamental in every business nowadays. So much so that every office usually comes staffed with a dedicated IT team. However, you are still going to need to know when these individuals are necessary. Keeping your computer skills topped is a priority for most managers, so make sure you are doing all you can to stay up to date.


Data Analysis

Another important skill that you need as a direct result of modern technology is data analysis. While you can always take a Data Analysis for Management online certificate course from the London School of Economics and Political Science, you must first understand the importance of this process in modern business.

An LSE Data Analysis for Management online certificate course will teach you the practical skills that reflect your current business. Data analytics are used to find out current marketing trends, understand the economy, and learn about your company’s sales figures. A Data Analysis for Management online certificate course is something that every business manager should think about. This knowledge can help you to learn where your employee’s time is best spent so that you grow your business in the correct market.



Delegation refers to the act of allocating tasks to specific employees in your business. Some of these tasks may be allocated using time management; however, you will have more success delegating tasks based on your employee’s skills.

Everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses; even managers. A good manager will learn about these strengths and weaknesses to find out which of their employees are better suited to certain tasks. Delegating like this is the only way to get the most out of your team, so take the time to learn about your employees as individuals, and you will see projects being completed much more efficiently.



Everyone in the workplace should be able to keep time effectively. However, as a manager, you are not solely responsible for managing your own time. You must also be responsible for the time management of your employees, ensuring that they too are making the most out of their time in the office. Time management is a skill that you can improve with the right project management tools, so don’t feel too down if it takes you a while to get your staff working effectively.



If you have risen to the rank of manager already then, the chances are that you have what it takes to successfully do the job. However, if you find that you are struggling, you probably lack in one of the areas listed above. Try to improve where you can but remember that everyone has their limits.


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