Key Elements to Developing the Ideal Marketing Strategy in 2020



With effective marketing strategy, businesses can garner more value and deliver better customer experience.

Every business is aiming for success, but getting there can take a lot of work. In order to sustain operations, businesses need to turn a profit, and in order to do that they need to market themselves. While the logic is simple, the reality can be difficult to accomplish. Marketing is tricky, and the ideal strategy requires a lot of careful planning and consideration. The factors that businesses will need to consider may differ depending on context and market, but there are fundamental elements that are needed in order to successfully plan a good marketing strategy. Here’s a short list of those elements below.



Perhaps the foundation of your entire marketing plan, branding is more than just a logo or a tagline. It’s the very essence of your company, and will determine everything from your tools to your market to your results. Your branding will also need to adapt to the times— are there aspects that need updating? How is your company making the most of available technology? You can read more on this in depth in our article on ‘The Impact of Technology on Real Estate Branding‘, where we discuss these concepts and opportunities in the context of the real estate industry.


Marketing Plan

The next thing you’ll need is a good marketing plan. Once you’ve outlined your branding, your marketing plan will serve as the basis for the rest of your strategy. It should cover the tools you’re going to be using, the scope, your target market, your budget, your timeline, and more. If you’ve already put together a marketing plan for previous campaigns, don’t think that you can simply apply it to your current context. According to the Houston Chronicle, marketing plans need regular reviews, and should be updated according to product and services changes, results from previously completed campaigns, company restructures, and more.



Next, you’re going to need to determine what tools you’re going to be using in order to execute your marketing plan. Will you be using search engine optimization (SEO)? Will you be developing explainer videos or interactive materials? What about social media reach? You’ll also need to look into specific services or software that can help you achieve this. Will you need to design a website from scratch? What about software that can help you with data analytics? There are a variety of options available to companies today, and determining which to pick is dependent on your business’ needs and expectations.


Expert Systems

Finally, you might want to make use of expert advice in order to ensure that your company’s strategy is developed and executed in the most efficient and effective ways possible. For example, if you’re planning to delve into franchise group marketing, Triadex Services writes that the omnichannel system is one of the best options available for companies today. Expert groups like Triadex are able to guide your company’s marketing directions through use of experience, research, and communication. They may also be able to offer other services, including tracking of mailers and materials, depending on the technique you decide upon.

While there are many complex factors that determine the effectiveness of any company’s marketing strategy, building the right foundation is essential no matter what the context. By identifying and studying the elements described above, you’ll be able to go into your next campaign more informed and prepared than you ever were before.