Joyce Brocaglia: Empowering Executives with World-Class Preparation for Board Service

Joyce Brocaglia

Technology is a strategic imperative in nearly every organization today. As organizations are embracing emerging technologies to get ahead, board leadership structures have evolved significantly. Companies today are seeking to appoint tech-fluent board members to lead the change in this dynamic business environment. BoardSuitedTM is an innovative executive education company, designed to prepare senior executives for Public, Private, Non-Profit and Advisory Board candidacy and service. BoardSuited offers executives the comprehensive preparation they need to obtain their first board seat with the convenience of a self-paced, online learning environment they seek.

Bringing together a cadre of highly respected current board directors and a robust curriculum, BoardSuited delivers invaluable insights, while providing learners with a personal roadmap to the boardroom. Unlike many other options on the market that have barriers to entry, BoardSuited requires no previous board service, no membership, and best of all, no travel or time off.

Joyce Brocaglia is the Founder and CEO of BoardSuited. For the past three decades, she has dedicated her career to advancing diversity in leadership. In 1986, she founded Alta Associates. Today, Alta is the leading executive search firm that specializes in Cybersecurity, Risk Management and Transformational Technologies; with 50% of their searches filled with diverse candidates. In 2002, Joyce founded the Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy (EWF), a membership organization dedicated to advancing women leaders in their field. BoardSuited continues her legacy of creating companies that focus on developing world-class leaders and expanding diversity in the workplace.

A Passionate Leader Guiding Global Organizations

Joyce has spent her entire career advising executives, building global organizations and developing leaders. She sits on multiple advisory boards and is currently a University Trustee.

“In the past few years, I’ve been asked the same question many times by EWF members and Alta clients; “Joyce, how do I get a seat on a Board?” Although a small percentage of them were truly board-ready, most of them were people who aspired to be on Boards, wanting to understand what they could do today to best ready and position themselves for board service in the future,” she said.

After years of thorough research and dozens of on-camera interviews, Joyce and her team created BoardSuited—a combination of a robust curriculum, peppered with insights from seated Board Members and C-Suite experts, filled with tools and personal assessments that help professionals get prepared, noticed and nominated.

Being an Inspiration for Women Leaders

As the CEO of Alta Associates, Joyce has been placing CISO’s and the teams that support them since 1994. Cybersecurity was and still is, an incredibly male-dominated field. Joyce spent much of her career as the only woman in the room. This motivated her to become an advocate for women in this field and steered Alta’s dedication to always present a diverse slate of candidates to its clients. “As I saw women in our field gain positions of influence, I wanted to give them a community of support and the education that would empower them to succeed. That is what led me to found the EWF. I saw the same challenges for women, minorities and people with non-traditional boardroom skills like technologists who desired to serve on boards.  Again, that same passion led me to found BoardSuited, an executive education company whose sole aim is to educate professionals to best prepare and position themselves for board service,” she mentioned.

Adapting the Board to the Disruptive Age

Joyce believes disruptive technologies along with the expected and unexpected consequences of innovation are driving many boardroom conversations. Digital transformation and cybersecurity have become board-level imperatives. As such, boardrooms have developed the need for tech-savvy board members and created new opportunities for tech leaders. Companies are now nominating a new generation of board members— digital directors—who provide support and oversight to a company’s digital strategy while helping the company mitigate cyber risk. She further adds that technology and cybersecurity leaders, who were once relegated to the back office, are now not only part of the executive suite, they are significantly impacting a corporation’s speed of digital transformation and moreover their bottom line. Also, many boards are establishing cybersecurity committees, providing cybersecurity leaders an entrée into the boardroom. Technology leaders who desire to serve on boards now need to be capable of plainly articulating to the board how to connect the dots between technology, risk and corporate strategies to be successful.

Developing Tech Savvy Leaders

BoardSuited, through its Affiliate Alliance program, is teaming with many cyber/cloud industry organizations and associations to offer its course to their members. These alliances are accelerating the pace at which organizations can increase the size and scope of cyber and tech-savvy board candidates. BoardSuited is elevating technology professionals to be among today’s best-positioned and best-prepared board service candidates. Having these skills in the boardroom will enable corporations to better govern their operations, be more competitive and more responsive to internal and external threats by individuals, activists or nation states.

Vital Attributes to Innovation

Joyce says that as an innovative leader you need to possess contradictory attributes. You need to be disruptive, yet you need to be the stabilizing force that your team can trust. Innovative leaders are risk takers who believe in their convictions and are willing to put it all on the line while at the same time have the ability to instill the confidence that inspires others to follow in their footsteps. They are grounded in the realities of today but always looking to the future with the ability to adapt and change

Evolving with Time

Joyce feels the trend in the industry today is a re-examination of boardroom composition. There is a realization that diversity, cybersecurity and innovative thinking are valuable boardroom assets. BoardSuited is leading the charge in facing disruptive challenges by significantly impacting board composition today and in the future by increasing the number of more diverse and more qualified candidates. “By preparing a wider range of talented professionals seeking board service, BoardSuited, in turn, provides companies with a pipeline of talent that can provide governance and oversight well into the future.” she asserts.

Essential Advice to Emerging Leaders

When asked for advice to budding leaders Joyce said, “You prepare for the important things in life…getting your first Board Seat is one of them! Board service is a road less traveled and a new road requires a new roadmap. Simply stated, the knowledge and network that got you here are not going to get you your first board seat. The earlier you get started, the better. Getting a board seat is extremely competitive. Not only do you need to understand how boards operate and your role and responsibilities, but you also need to be capable of leveraging your knowledge, assessing your network and articulating your value in a way that will best position you. Getting noticed and nominated is why BoardSuited was created. Whether you seek a Non-Profit, Advisory or Corporate board seat today or in the future, BoardSuited will give you the ability to assess your skills and identify gaps that need to be addressed so that you can course correct to gain the knowledge and network essential in getting your first board seat. Knowledge is power and preparation is the key to success”.