Jerry Clum: Empowering Real Estate Agents Through An Innovative Franchise Offering 

Hommati is a franchise business that is growing quickly with 56 franchisees already awarded in 23 states. The company offers innovative services like virtual staging, aerial videos and photography using drones, 3D interactive tours, virtual reality/augmented reality tours and Hommati Curb Leads, which generate real-time SMS text message leads from buyer drive-bys. The platform gives real estate agents the tools to get their listings noticed quickly and in an innovative way. Hommati’s innovative services are:

  • 3D Interactive Tours
  • Virtual Reality Tours
  • Virtual Staging
  • Aerial HD Video/Stills
  • Floor Plans with Measurements
  • Ultra HD 34MP (up to 4K) Photography
  • Sign Placement/Removal Service
  • Lockbox Placement/Removal Service
  • Hommati Curb Leads
  • Augmented Reality Services
  • Door Hanger Services
  • Hommati Website and App
  • Free Automated Brochure Creation
  • Quick turnaround time

Hommati has also developed the world’s most technically, advanced mobile app for searching homes for sale. AR Home puts a “digital clone” of the Real Estate Agent in front of the home to introduce themselves to clients. The company’s “Find My Home” feature will automatically find the perfect home for clients when they are out driving their errands. And its “Find By Pic” feature allows clients to take a picture of a home for sale and automatically will bring up its listing detail.

A Serial Entrepreneur Spearheading the Change

Jerry Clum is the Founder and CEO of Hommati. He has been an entrepreneur all of his adult life. One of the first companies he founded is Comfort Keepers, which provides in-home care to the elderly. Jerry and his team grew this company to over 750 franchised locations and $350 million in annual revenues. He sold this company and tried to retire at a young age, but found that retirement wasn’t for him so he decided that he would sell his home and move somewhere else and maybe start something new. “At the listing presentation, my life was changed forever. The agent who listed my home had been in real estate for over 20 years and is one of the top 100 agents in the world. I fell for her and we’ve been together ever since. That was seven years ago. Since both of us were business minded people, we would brainstorm about some of the problems in the real estate industry. I guess I’m wired a little funny, because I kind of love problems,” Jerry recalls.

Adding Tremendous Value to Real Estate Agents

Jerry has spent the past 22 years in the franchising industry having owned 11 franchises as a franchisee, consulted for hundreds of franchisors and has created multiple franchise models helping over 1,000 individuals become franchise owners. He has been on all sides of the franchising spectrum and is now spearheading a revolution in the franchise industry. Jerry realizes that times are changing. The days of Real Estate Agents just putting a sign in the yard, holding an open house and advertising in the classifieds are gone. Agents need to provide their clients with innovative technology to stay competitive in today’s real estate market. That’s where Hommati comes in.

The real estate agents that have used Hommati appreciate the fact that its dynamic visual content increases their inquiries by up to 403%. “They also appreciate the fact that unlike other real estate websites we do not sell their leads to other agents, we do not allow other agents to advertise in or around their listings and we give them all the leads generated from their listing for free,” Jerry said. Hommati is adding tremendous value to real estate agents by offering them more ways to market homes and to get services at a cost that is unprecedented. It’s a win-win for all.

Jerry shares, “While we want to grow quickly, we feel it’s important to control our growth and only award franchises to the candidates that best fit our model. We are very particular about who is awarded a franchise. We’re looking for candidates who are extremely passionate about this concept, who are good communicators, aren’t afraid to go out and talk to agents and who want to follow a system.”

The Explicit Range of Hommati Franchise’s Benefits

Hommati has a home-based model that allows franchisees a low overhead, quick ROI, and recurring revenue. Franchisees can run the business as owner-operators with no employees at first and scale up as they grow. Jerry believes it’s a pretty fun business as well. There is really nothing else like it out there. The company is changing the way real estate agents do business.

The benefits of a Hommati franchise include:

  • Low Franchise Fee – Only $18,900
  • Low Startup Costs – As Low as $15,990
  • Recurring Revenue Model – From Monthly Membership Fees
  • Low Fixed Monthly Overhead – As Low as $870 Per Month
  • Home Based, Non-Brick & Mortar
  • High Margins, Digital services – Low Cost of Goods Sold
  • Fun, Exciting and Rewarding
  • Set Your Own Work Schedule – Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Owner/Operator & Executive Managed Models
  • Large Unrestricted Territory – One Franchisee Per 200K Population
  • All Training Provided Including FAA Remote Pilot License
  • No Photography Experience Necessary
  • Cutting Edge Technology – 3D Camera, 4K Drone
  • Hommati’s Turn-Key Proprietary Marketing Program
  • On-Going Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Technical Support

Hommati has very little competition, and at the same time, a plethora of opportunities to grow. For example, according to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images. 73% of homeowners say that they’re more likely to list with an agent who uses video to market their home; however, only 9% of agents create listing videos.

The Industry Ahead

Jerry believes the real estate market is changing very quickly. Millennials are going to be the majority of homebuyers by 2025. They were born using technology and expect a digital experience in almost everything they do. Because they grew up with video games and computers, they are more visual-based than previous generations. 92 percent of homes are being found on the Internet. “In order for a home to get noticed in all the clutter out there, real estate agents need to use the dynamic visual content that we produce. Hommati is a franchise business that offers innovative ways to help real estate agents get their listings noticed more quickly.  We provide innovative services and dynamic content such as 3D Tours, Aerial Videos, Ultra HD Photography, Video Slideshows, Augmented Reality that helps real estate agents win more listings, sell more homes, sell them faster and often for a higher sales price. Since inception, Hommati has been setting the trend rather than following one.