IoT, Augmented Reality and RPA Shape a Better World Post-Pandemic

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

How innovative technologies are helping businesses to bounce back?

The outbreak of a pandemic has not just increased the revenue spent on healthcare by countries, but also changed the tailwind of all economic activities across the globe. Technology vendors are lending their help at this situation to bridge the gap that Covid-19 has caused.

When the economic turmoil is high, people should think of doing more and PR less. One way SaaS vendors can chip in the situation is by aggregating, analyzing and sharing customer data. However, Plex is making its move to wind things in the manufacturing sector.


About Plex

The Plex manufacturing platform is a digital system of record that connects people, system, machines and supply chains, automates business processes, track data from the shop floor to top floor, and delivers analytics for unmatched visibility, quality and control.

When the US economy reopened, US-headquartered automakers like Ford, GM and Tesla were enthusiastic about the move. A report suggests that the production between April 13th and May 18th increased by 84% bringing up the fallen economy. This would have been impossible without the sudden provocation of technology into every industry. The pitch of Plex gave analysts an attendance on how tech like RPA and Augmented Reality is changing everything.


IoT pushes emails to consumers

According to a recent report published during PowerPlex 2020, it stated that IoT pilot shaves costs in metal fabrication at MPI. IoT can be eminently practical, tying sensor data directly into cloud system of record and data or analytics platform as well as per a Plex customer MPI.

The process of Plex pushing out mail to users is an interesting process. It involves infra-red sensors at the furnace to track the edge of the belt. A server fills the data into Plex IoT later populating the dashboard, providing visual alerts for exceptional handling. The information is further sent to users via mail or cell phone in a real-time. These alerts bring a big financial ramification. Extending into IoT is a viable use case for promotion on customers to explore.


RPA to manage invoice delivery

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) centres automating business operations with the help of robots to reduce human intervention. The remote working has added value and pressure to the RPA to automate on-site processes during the pandemic.

Many companies are trying their hand on RPA to manage invoice delivery. Before the introduction of RPA, the process of invoice matching was labour-intensive and error-prone. The further threat was its spread across various technological solutions. Plex has used RPA to reduce invoice backlog from three weeks to four days with 100% data entry accuracy. The one negative aspect of RPA is that it relies on the users’ interface and can break if faced a change.


Augmented Reality for groundworks

The time looks for Augmented Reality to make its debut. The tech industry can’t function totally on robotics or human interest. It needs both to collaborate in the name of augmented reality to function properly. Covid-19 has made it possible as the travel limitations and social distancing norms have put restrictions on specialised tasks with fixing broken plant equipment. If the augmented reality is utilised properly, it can even unravel possibilities of remote guidance in fixing specialised equipment. Plex is using the augmented reality to do troubleshooting jobs if something rises.

The shiny tech including IoT, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Augmented reality is helping various sectors rebound from Covid-19 loss. If the technology is taken further even after the pandemic surpasses, the growth rate would be far high than what people saw in the past years.