Intuition AI Robotics Is Supporting ElliQ While Personalizing Elder Care

ElliQ ElliQ

The future of human-AI machine is all settled to arrive and we can’t thank enough for the extraordinary advancements in deep learning. It is a form of machine learning that is inspired by the way neurons in our brains are organized. ElliQ, an empathic robotics companion, designed by Intuition AI, a Samsung NEXT portfolio company, that featured in the finish of the start video series. This sensible mechanism has psychological feature talents designed to supply comfort and security for aged those who would like to measure on their own.

“ElliQ is not programmed with a predefined persona like a smart speaker,” explained Skuler.“Instead characteristics emerge from cognitive capacities based on specialized forms of machine learning.”

Living alone presents a variety of challenges for the aged, like the likelihood of missing meals and drugs, changing into livid, and enduring loneliness. as a result of feelings of isolation have even been connected to psychological feature decline, depression, and enhanced force per unit area, geriatric and technology specialists have advocated for adaptive technologies to help with aging as early as 2004.

Intuition AI recognized the requirements of this growing population of older adults has designed a mechanism companion to assist folks “age in place” reception instead of at an assisted living facility. Currently with deep learning, computer science guarantees to assist modify a number of the nearly 90% of house owners approaching retirement to remain in their homes longer with the assistance of technology.

Headquartered in Israel, Intuition AI is an element of a powerful roll of corporations Samsung NEXT has invested with in this square measure investing computer science and machine learning.

“I found Dor to be super passionate about solving the growing problem of the lonely aging population, who in most cases would like to stay at home and be independent, connected to their loved ones by using sophisticated tech and AI,” Miller said.

The team behind ElliQ has placed good time and energy into refinement the robot’s style in order that the user’s interactions with it desire associate intuitive and authentic social expertise.

There are around five distinct aspects of ElliQ that facilitate to make associate authentic companion. First, the robot’s communicative  voice and distinctive sounds enable ElliQ to convey its temperament and interact with the user. Notifications will signal to users that ElliQ would love to act with them or it might use a novel sound to cue users concerning their medication times.

“Starts her journey in someone’s home with a neutral personality, not making too many recommendations,” said Skuler. “And then ElliQ starts trying things — suggesting for you to listen to some classical music, or later to listen to some other type of music, and over time ElliQ starts to build an understanding of what it is that you like, and how to motivate you.”

Eyal Miller, Samsung NEXT’s administrator for Tel Aviv-Jaffa, met co-founder Dor Skuler once the corporate was still in its earliest stages. He was curious about the manner ElliQ might use human-robotic interaction to enhance the lives of the aged.

As ElliQ gains adoption and begins operating with extensive seniors, it’ll progressively restore at meeting their individual wants. on the method, Intuition Robotics’ AI assistant may become a model for the way humans and machines can move in the future.