Integrating Intelligent Automation to Support IT Service Desks

IT Service Desk

Intelligent Automation can enable better decision making and boost the performance of IT service desks teams.

Intelligent automation, the amalgamation of robotic process automation (RPA) and AI technologies, is significantly one of the most innovative technology. It has the potential to transform IT business functions. While conventional approaches to IT service desk operations have reached their limit, most IT organizations have worked around the clock to ensure the infrastructure can meet the new demands of remote working. The IT Service Desk typically refers to be a primary point of engagement between users and an IT organization.

Intelligent Automation allows IT departments to develop better customer-supporting solutions that accelerate services, lessen costs, and deliver a better customer experience. Traditionally, the IT helpdesk was a highly technical function focused on the technology instead of the end-users. It didn’t have the concept of SLAs or time-based targets for resolving issues.

Over the last few years, the IT Service Desk function and its role in incident and request management became one of the core components of IT service operations in many organizations. In today’s highly connected world, there are chances that IT businesses would suffer some sort of data leak or breach that could not only compromise IT systems but also put the entire organization at standstill.

Considering IT automation, in this context, along with the applications of machine learning, can be effective as it engages with the management and transference of encrypted data. Through automated processes, companies will have the potential to secure information across entire organizations. 

AutomationEdge, for instance, is an Intelligent RPA and IT Automation product which comes bundled with key essential technologies for the automation of front office, middle office, back office and IT operations. AutomationEdge provides Chatbots, Intelligent Automation bots, AI and Machine Learning capabilities to help clients lower costs, increase response time, grow business and accomplish compliance. It also provides ready Bots and a development environment to build new Bots.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, IT service desks grappled with immense pressure. They are struggling to provide quick resolutions to IT issues as employees work remotely. They have been even tasked with a massive emergency project to start supporting most if not all people working remotely. In this uncertain scenario, leveraging intelligent automation tools can have a considerable impact on IT service desks. It has the potential to take humans out of the time-consuming repetitive processes of IT. 

With automated processes enhanced with machine learning, businesses can scale such processes across entire organizations using employee service management (ESM). In turn, they can gain greater value and productivity, freeing up capital to perform tasks that cannot be completed by machines.

According to Shannon Kalvar, research manager for IT service management and client virtualization at IDC, artificial cognition will, over the next three to five years, become absolutely indispensable for any form of operations or support. Artificial Intelligence is likely to assist IT support teams in various ways, such as predictive analytics for incident management, demand planning, and workflow improvement.

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