Influencer Marketing: The Impact on Diverse Industries

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing
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What benefits healthcare, retail and other industries can get from influencer marketing?

Marketing has always been at the core of businesses, regardless of types and sizes. Whether an enterprise wants to entice customers or establish itself in today’s highly-competitive marketplace, marketing must be a significant business strategy. It has the potential to drive even the most hardened entrepreneur up the wall. With the evolution of digital technology and soaring customer expectation, marketing has also changed and innovative marketers are always on the front of this transition. Influencer marketing is the best instance of this change.

Like other marketing strategies, influencer marketing enables marketers and businesses alike to reach a new, broad customer base, increase brand awareness and ultimately reinforce the marketing return of investment (ROI). Most organizations invest a crucial part of their time and resources to implement a successful influencer campaign. As this form of marketing has been a buzzword for a while now, it is becoming an established form of online marketing.


What Exactly Influencer Marketing is?

Influencer marketing typically involves a wide array of steps to build branded user-generated content in order to support a company’s digital marketing goals. It also consists of brand collaboration with popular and germane influencers to niche and promote a business and upsurge revenue. In other words, this marketing approach takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and positions it into today’s content-driven marketing campaign.


Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

Just like surviving the digital world market require a creative mindset and approach, implementing a successful influencer marketing campaign must be based on businesses’ main goals and objectives that business leaders seek to achieve.

Endeavoring influencer marketing journey, marketers must:

  • Identify business goals and objectives
  • Outline a suitable influencer profile
  • Discover potential influencers
  • Provide rewards for the influencer
  • Scale out outcomes


Impact on Diverse Industries

To get extra exposure and value, industry players need to consider influencer marketing in the modern digital world.


Retail businesses collaborating with an influencer can bring new consumers or buyers into stores and create buzz around their offerings. Influencer marketing can be a more complex approach for retailers that sell a distinct variety of products than it is for brand marketers who relentlessly target the same demographic. Despite this, retail businesses can get more with this marketing method. As most people today make purchase decisions whether from their friends or relatives’ recommendations on both social media and word of mouth, influencer marketing is becoming important for companies. According to the report, the global value of influencer marketing was US$1.07 billion in 2017, which is likely to increase over the coming years. 



Today, people look for precise information about medical facilities, doctors, insurers and other healthcare amenities and accommodations for better treatment. With enhanced expectations, healthcare marketers are also exploring innovative ways to increase customer conversations. By turning to influencer marketing, they can influence patients’ healthcare choices, raise awareness of lifestyle and wellness programs, fortify better community health, and enable opportunities to make doctor-patient conversations more engaged and effective. 



With the proliferation of web access and smartphones, influencing marketing campaigns is no longer reserved for the ultra-rich and famous. And the automotive industry is no exception to this drive. Since everyone from Ferrari to Lamborghini and Bentley to Porsche is getting into the game, automotive players turn to influencer marketing and view it as a way to expand their reach, cultivate their product, and communicate with customers, especially millennials.