Individual artificial Intelligence: Something Which is Yours

individual artificial intelligence

individual artificial intelligence

A new type of artificial intelligence will become a bioelectronic hybrid, in which a living human brain and a machine will work together in a dual complementary system. Both components will complement and reinforce each other, creating something completely new that neither nature nor designers of fully electronic systems have encountered before.

A new type of artificial intelligence of an individual type will get acquainted, built around a neurocomputer interface that directly connects the neurons of the human brain and a computer.


The Rise of AI

From smartphones to chatbots, artificial intelligence is already ubiquitous in our digital lives. You just might not know it yet. The momentum behind AI is building, thanks in part to the massive amounts of data that computers can gather about our likes, our purchases, and our movements every day. And specialists in artificial intelligence research use all that data to train machines how to learn and predict what we want or detest.


The Rise of Individual AI

By creating artificial intelligence by combining fundamentally different elements (biological tissues and an electronic system), we will be able to achieve the maximum effect of emergence (the birth of new properties that are not inherent in the combined elements separately).

Biotechnological symbiosis will have properties unattainable for a biological brain and a computer system separately.

The human brain is very slow and frankly weak in terms of information processing, an intelligent mechanism, but the biological system has plasticity, creativity, and energy efficiency unattainable for electronic systems. Plus, the living brain is a very experienced tactician who knows very well how the reality of the surrounding three-dimensional space works.

On the other hand, computer systems not only process information faster than us, in fact, in terms of signal transmission speed, but they also exceed biological tissue by 3 million times! Add to this a digital memory capable of clearly and without failures to manipulate an unimaginable amount of digital data and the ability to easily enter direct communication with any technical device or the Internet.

All this suggests that combining the human brain and computer system into a single complex of artificial intelligence will not only increase their overall efficiency but will create a completely new unusual system: a new type of artificial intelligence.

By combining the brain and the machine, we will see how the real magic of new properties is born: the magic of emergence.


What will your AI system do for you?

Your individual AI system will know you, your personality, your requests, and preferences more accurately and, than you, it will be a part of you and at the same time your creation and extension: your digital shadow.

Man will become a living being of a new type

After 5-10 years of coexistence, the complementarity of AI components (brain and computer system) will reach such a level that several complex behavioral and communicative complexes (such as mechanical work or driving a car) can be carried out by the system reflexively (automatically). As a result, a person will be able to perform a huge number of routine actions without straining at all.

The economic business landscape is changing beyond recognition

A personal artificial intelligence system will replace a computer, smartphone, autopilot in a car, and much more. Any human skill and knowledge will become available for purchase or sale in a few minutes on the Internet. The painstaking and exhausting training we are accustomed to will gradually become unnecessary. Most disabilities will lose their limiting component.


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