Importance of Wealth Management in today’s World: 5 Picks

Wealth Management

Wealth ManagementToday’s world is changing at a rapid speed in terms of technological advancement, intellectual awareness, global weather, financial evolution, and in many other areas of life. Most of the time, individuals try to manage their finances and assets without any external professional help. While one can save a lot of money by relying on conventional methods, it takes skill to create, preserve and grow wealth efficiently. In this article, we discuss in detail why it is important to begin managing one’s wealth professionally as soon as it is possible.

It is important to note that wealth management is more than just investment management. While the latter mainly pertains to selecting the right stocks, bonds, and funds to invest in, wealth management is a more comprehensive approach. It extends to retirement planning and building an investment profile according to one’s status and objectives in life. Often, the proposed investments extend beyond traditional vehicles and venture into the many options available in the alternative landscape.


Preparing for Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest crisis in the year 2020 that is close to the hearts of many worldwide. It not only cost the loss of lives but also massive economic and financial losses across all levels of society. Moreover, such unprecedented events have occurred in the past, and are not limited to diseases. As a global citizen with a vested interest in global economies, the crash of an economic sector in another part of the world can hit one’s investment portfolio hard if there is a concentration in that sector.


A broader view of opportunities

Many high-net-worth individuals have high financial awareness and savviness. However, the growth and evolution of investment vehicles can outpace one easily, spurred by the advancement of technology and changing global trends. Wealth managers are trained to find value beyond traditional markets. Having the help of a dedicated expert could pay fantastic dividends when such new value investment opportunities are discovered. The right wealth manager can help you to take on a brand-new alternative product that could fill your portfolio with appreciating assets.


Minimized taxes

It isn’t easy for millions and billions to escape tax bills, especially not from a well-regulated and efficient government, no matter how attractive the tax rates are. An effective wealth management approach does not simply entail finding value investments, it is also focused on putting together the right structure to house your investments and to keep unnecessary expenditure low. This makes tax planning a pivotal part of wealth preservation. An experienced wealth manager can help you navigate all tax-related matters, bring down your tax spending as well as benefit from all the possible tax incentives from your local government and the jurisdictions where your foreign assets are situated.


Time Usage Done Right

The management of investments can be an extremely time-consuming activity for those who seek to maximize their earnings and do it all by themselves without professional help. It involves following the markets, studying financial reports, and analyzing economic data – all of which can be too demanding to stay abreast while also handling one’s day job and personal life. You have reached a stage in life where your priorities have changed to spending more time with your children, grandchildren, or senior members of your family.  When this happens, time becomes very precious. Wealth managers are meant to free up your time by doing all that time-consuming work on your behalf.


Being a Pro at Financial Knowledge

New types of funds and investment vehicles are constantly emerging in Singapore and abroad. For example, crypto-currency, algorithmic trading, and tokenized digital assets fall under the alternative investment asset class. The Salzworth Global Currency Fund is one such alternative fund where its focus is on FX spot trading in G10 currencies. A professional wealth manager can offer to educate clients, and help them understand the intricacies of such financial instruments and how exactly they can contribute to the growth and diversification of one’s investment portfolio. It is important to know where your money is going and the risks associated with the product and the investment strategies your wealth manager is undertaking.