Importance of Identity Verification for Online Casino



The search for a reliable online casino platform has become more challenging, and this is due to the numerous online casinos available on the internet. Additionally, the online gambling industry is faced with several other confrontations such as credit card fraud, money laundry, chargeback abuse, etc.

Internet gambling regulatory bodies designed a framework of protection that allows gambling to be fair and trusted by punters. In essence, this framework would ensure the safety of gamers on the internet while they enjoy a plethora of no deposit bonus casino canada rewards and other perks. This is also an essential criterion for customer retention in the gaming space.

Preventing fraudulent activities from casino players is another challenge that needs to be tackled. This is why identity verification is necessary for new players who wish to play casino games on the platform, ensuring the genuineness of the gamer registering on the platform.

This review highlights the importance of identity verification for online casinos. You’ll also learn the necessary casino life hacks to make online gambling fun and safe.


What Is Identity Verification?

Identity verification ensures that the casino player is who they claim to be before opening a casino account. This critical step is necessary before playing real money casino games. The process usually involves providing certain personal documents and information that verifies and must correspond to the information you have provided the casino operator.

This process also plays an essential role in fighting against online fraud and money laundering. It is also an excellent measure used in the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. Identity verification can be done manually on the casino site. However, modern technology has invented digital ways of identifying the identity of a casino player.

Furthermore, casino software providers have created new forms of ID verification to make the gambling space safer for players. Players can now verify themselves with ease instead of using manual verification methods that may take more time.


How Does an Identity Verification Process Work?

There are different ways online casinos can verify the identity of their players. The identity verification process works by comparing two documents to ensure they match. For instance, the casino platform may require filling in your details such as name, phone number, and email address. Then, this information can be compared when what is contained in a government-approved document like an international passport is uploaded.

Most online casinos have adopted the digital means of verifying the identity of players. We’ve listed some of the methods below.

  • ID document verification: This involves uploading documents such as passport, driver’s license, and approved government ID are legitimate.

Government Passport

a government-issued passport

  • One-time password (OTP): A one-time code (comprises a unique set of numbers) will be sent to your registered phone number as a phone text. You can also receive the same via email to verify your phone number and email address ownership.
  • Biometric verification: The online casino can request a live selfie to confirm if it’s the same person as the individual whose picture is on the ID document. They could also suggest certain positions when taking the picture.
  • Database method: The casino site can check on your data from social media or other sources to verify the information you submit to the platform.
  • Liveness detection: This is a high-tech method of detecting the genuineness of your live selfie or ID document.


Why Do Casinos Have to Verify ID?

Identity verification has become necessary to ensure the safety of online casinos and their players. Below are reasons why every casino must ensure that the identity of their players is verified.


Age Verification

The internet has exposed the younger generation to many inappropriate things. Due to how addictive gambling can become if not properly managed, underage are not allowed to gamble. The minimum age requirement for gambling in most countries is 18 years. Casino identity verification will help ensure that only eligible individuals  are allowed to gamble online.


Anti-Money Laundering

The online gambling industry has been hit with several money laundering cases. Casino sites to siphon and hide stolen money constitute a significant concern for gambling authorities. This has made online casinos bad and even made casino platforms illegal in so many countries.
This is why identity verification has become necessary in online casinos. The casinos can easily identify registered members and provide accurate information about them. This can help the authorities if any player is involved in any illegal money deal during the investigation.


Fighting of Gambling Problem.

Gambling should be seen as a means of entertainment and relaxation. However, some players have made it a way to escape poverty or pay debts. Thus, leading to lousy gambling habits. The level of hazard caused by this gambling problem is a significant concern to the industry.

ID verification helps identify self-excluded players and prevents them from playing casino games. The casino can also identify and keenly monitor those with problems gambling to ensure their gambling habit doesn’t get worse by restricting them from accessing gambling products.


Prevention of Registering Multiple Accounts

ID verification is a tool used by online casinos to prevent the opening of multiple accounts. Players often open more than one account not just to play casino games but to claim multiple welcome bonuses. They do this to stand a better chance of winning and then move to the next platform. Online casino regulatory bodies consider owning more than one account as fraud.


Fraud and Other Crimes

Malicious users target online casinos to get unauthorized access to players’ information and bank card details. In addition, cybercriminals take time to exploit casino platforms by registering multiple fake accounts, which they can use to spam other members of the platform.
With identity verification, it becomes difficult to register fake accounts. This will help protect the casino site and other users of the platform. Also, any account used for any malicious activity can be tracked and reported to the appropriate authority.



Identity verification is vital to safeguarding online casinos and their users. Players are expected to verify personal details before signing up on a casino platform. This is also to ensure that you can enjoy your casino win without facing issues.

When next you visit an online casino, ensure that you have all the necessary ID documents available for verification. The casino tips we provided in this article will also help you complete the process easily.


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