IBM Acquisitions in 2020 and 2021: What Were the Goals?

IBM’s acquisition of various companies is a step towards business transformation and growth

IBM acquisitions

IBM acquisitions

IBM or International Business Machines Corp is a leading Information and Technology company and the largest technology and consulting employer in the world. They have been providing integrated industry-based solutions to enhance the business operation since its inception in 1911. Headquartered in New York, IBM has a global presence in more than 120 countries and has a large portfolio of services and products. Arvind Krishna, an exceptional business leader, and technologist is currently leading the company as its Chief Executive Officer. 

In 2020 and the first half of this year, IBM has acquired many software, IT consulting, and SaaS companies as a part of extending their business portfolio and enhancing growth. Let us look at these acquisitions and understand what was IBM’s goal in merging these companies with them. 


June 2020: IBM Acquired Spanugo

In the first half of June 2020, IBM announced that it signed a deal with Spanugo, to meet the security demands of their clients from different industries and enhance its services in regulatory compliance and security. IBM integrated the software provided by Spanugo into its cloud platform. 

Spanugo is a leading cybersecurity provider. They provide Cybersecurity Posture Assurance to enterprises in hybrid clouds by automating all the security and risk compliance procedures. 


June 2020: IBM Acquires WDG Automation

In June 2020, IBM announced another acquisition of WDG automation to enhance the AI-automation capabilities of IBM’s services. It was aimed at expanding the automation capabilities of IBM so that their C-suite executives can access intelligent automation through robots and provide better AI-powered solutions to their clients.

WDG Automation provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and is based out of Brazil.


November 2020: IBM Acquires Instana and TruQua Enterprise

IBM joined hands with Instana and TruQua Enterprise in November last year. Instana is a German-American company that develops and provides application performance management software. They enable the management of different cloud-native and complex applications and provide insights on how to manage IT issues. According to IBM, this acquisition was aimed at improving the company’s ability to better manage and monitor complex applications in hybrid clouds for their clients. 

Another acquisition in the same month was of TruQua Enterprise, which IBM said was a step towards increasing the capability of IBM to enhance its expertise in migrating financial platform to SAP, that helps companies to broaden and innovate their financial functions. TruQua specializes in SAP finance and analytics solution. 


December 2020: IBM Acquires Nordcloud

In the second half of December 2020, IBM acquired Nordcloud, a Europe-based company that provides cloud implementation, application management, and managed services and training. This acquisition enabled IBM to further enhance its cloud services and cloud migration and aid in the adoption of a hybrid-cloud platform. 


January 2021: IBM Acquires 7 Summit and Taos

January 2021 was a tremendous month of acquisitions for IBM since it acquired two major companies, namely 7 Summit and Taos. 7Summit is a Salesforce implementation partner and IBM acquired the company to enhance its digital transformation services in the hybrid cloud. IBM quoted this development as a part of a broader investment strategy.

Taos specializes in cloud migration, DevOps solutions, and multi-cloud consulting. IBM’s acquisition of the company was aimed at strengthening cloud partnerships, enhance cloud migration capabilities, and add innovations to the hybrid-cloud platform of the company. 


April 2021: IBM Acquires myInvenio

In early April, IBM announced its plans to acquire myInvenio to enhance the hybrid-cloud and AI capabilities of the company and further enable their clients to streamline business processes that pose a challenge. It will provide data-driven softwares to accelerate business transformation and identify business operations that need AI automation.

Based in Italy, myInvenio Process Mining provides business transformation solutions and constantly monitors business and compliance. 


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