iAge Technologies: Maximizing Business Efficiency with AI-Based Digital Marketing Solutions

Disruptive Technologies

iAge Technologies specializes in email marketing automation based on AI strategies. The company’s solution is designed to improve its clients’ revenue by increasing the number of website visits or ad clicks made by their email subscribers. 

iAge Technologies’ mission is to create innovative AI-based digital products. The company has done a lot of testing in different business verticals and concluded that scaling is only made possible by automation and allowing AI to deal with the most complex parts of the process—what to send, whom to send it to, when to send it, and what resources to use for sending. These aspects require a lot of attention, and when it comes to data processing and analyzing innumerable factors and details, machines are superior to product managers and email strategists. iAge Technologies spent three years developing and fine-tuning its solution. The company integrated and tested it on its own products to make sure it is as effective as it wants it to be. For the past two years, iAge technologies has been helping its clients from different business spheres to set up, succeed, and grow with its solution. 


An Industry Innovator 

Artem Kukharenko, the CEO of iAge Technologies, is an all-time leader and broadminded strategist. He is a professional email evangelist with years of experience in email marketing and AI-based marketing automation. Artem firmly believes that digital marketing can only grow and improve its performance through the adoption of the AI + Human approach. It means that marketers need to rely on AI strategies to make managerial decisions about building customer communication. Only by doing so, they can increase customer lifetime value and the number of actions their customers take during this communication. He further believes that AI + Human can cut down routine and technical costs and considerably improve any company’s marketing performance. 


Delivering Value with Marketing Automation Solutions 

According to Artem, in email marketing, there are certain “holy grails” that every marketer wants to find: the ideal email frequency, the most responsive subscriber segment, the best send time, etc. The innovative solution iAge Technologies is offering uses big data to find the above-mentioned “grails.” Moreover, it’s fully-managed: the company’s clients receive return visits without wasting their time on the CRM, as the solution is set up by the iAge Technologies team and relies on AI strategies to drive quality subscriber return visits to the clients’ websites. 


Integrating Automation to Drive Innovation 

The innovation at iAge Technologies was driven by automating the two core aspects:  

Content Strategy Creation: The company developed a service that collects all the content units. AI strategies use the wealth of content to create an original email layout and message for each subscriber. 

Delivery Monitoring and Response: AI strategies monitor the sending domain and IP reputation and maintain email list hygiene 24/7 to achieve stable inbox placement. 

Further, Artem emphasizes that on average, AI algorithms that analyze big data and AI strategies that provide for and do personalized email communications help to double the subscriber lifetime value and improve marketing campaign performance by at least 235%. 


Optimizing Business Performance 

iAge Technologies upholds this new email marketing approach, which, unfortunately, not everyone is ready to adopt. Artem says, “Businesses are unwilling to give up the methods they’ve been practicing for years. Because of that, we constantly have to speak about the shifts in the market, explain that personal communication with each subscriber is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Simple segmentation is no longer the go-to strategy, and we need to continually clarify that.” 

Moreover, as already maximizing businesses’ marketing efforts, iAge Technologies’ clients see a stable revenue growth driven by the use of its solution. And this is the top honor for the company and the best motivation to achieve more. 


The Way Forward 

iAge Technologies is already working on improving its AI strategies even further. The company is developing neural networks that will build customer communication taking into account numerous factors, including the emotional aspects of each subscriber’s behavior. Artem strongly believes that the company’s solution will fill personalized email communications with value, thus increasing sales and revenue for its clients.