HZO: Safeguarding Electronics from Corrosive Environments with Protective Nanocoating Solutions 


According to Researchgate, by 2025, each person should own nine devices on average. HZO is a global leader in delivering worldclass protective nanocoatings to help businesses make these devices more reliable by providing nanocoatings and next-generation conformal coatings. The company’s thin-film solutions are layered over internal components of devices, such as a PCBA. The coatings serve as a barrier to environmental conditions that could easily harm electronics, such as humidity, liquid exposure, harmful gases, and temperature fluctuations. HZO’s Spectrum of Protection™ portfolio of coating solutions are appropriate and effective for multiple industries, including the consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, IoT, and medical verticals. 

HZO’s mission is to protect electronics from the harshest environments as the world becomes increasingly connected. Technology is more complex than ever before, yet devices are smaller. Traditional methods used to protect electronics from their operating environments now fall short because of the bulk and weight they add to components. Additionally, operating environments are more varied, presenting novel threats with which devices must contend. 

The company has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2011. Initially founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, HZO now has 15 locations worldwide, including Switzerland, Hungary, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Recently, the business relocated its headquarters to Raleigh, North Carolina area to acquire new talent, access to local universities and colleges, and expand company growth. 

An Intellectual Leadership  

James T. Fahey, Ph.D., was announced as HZO’s new CEO on 30th March 2020. He brings considerable experience as an industry veteran, having held leadership positions at Dow, DuPont, Rohm & Haas, and IBM. James holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Cornell University, where he also earned his Masters’ of Science and is the author of numerous technical publications and patents in the semiconductor industry. His practical experience and expertise has added significant value to HZO and can only make the company more successful. 

Making Businesses Productive with Robust Solutions  

Since the company was founded in 2011, there has not been a single product return attributed to coating issues. The industries it caters to may also benefit from the company’s scalability. HZO provides the unparalleled ability to ramp up to mass production quickly for its customers. To date, the company has coated more than hundreds of millions of components, and more units were coated in 2019 than in all of the company’s other years in business collectively. 

Embracing Advanced Coating Technology to Enhance Protection 

HZO is unique in the way that it delivers advanced coating technology. The company designs its own coating equipment, utilizing the largest coating chambers in the industry, with a unique proprietary cube shape to house components that can be coated simultaneously. HZO also has proven methods that enhance the uniformity of their nanocoatings, allowing for more consistent, reliable protection. 

Navigating Roadblocks to Drive Efficiency  

One of the most significant challenges that HZO experienced in the early years was shifting a customer’s willingness to adopt new technology and processes into their manufacturing. Many brands and OEMs only knew certain forms of protection, including gaskets and seals, and were hesitant to embrace new ideas. To them, HZO’s solutions almost seemed too good to be true. Once they made a move, though, they realized the significant cost-savings benefit and ease of transition by HZO and have never looked back. The company has a proven track record of delivering scale, exceptional quality, high yields, and extraordinary services, all under the guidelines of responsible and green manufacturing that customers value this.  

Invaluable Awards and Client Appreciations 

HZO has a one-of-a-kind turnkey solution that allows clients to benefit from a convenient coating process. “HZO makes waterproofing our products easy. We don’t even have to think about it anymore as it’s just part of our development cycle now,” said Ramesh Mantha, Vice President of Product for Rakuten Kobo, one of HZO’s primary clients. Global client include Nike, Motorola, Dell, NetatmoPrismview and other Fortune 100 brands. 

HZO has received many accolades as a result of its value proposition, including the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, Top Emerging Nanotech Innovators Prize, four Stevie® Awards, KES Innovation Award for Best Product of the Year, Best in Biz 2016 Enterprise Product of the year, Mobile Excellence Award, among others.  

The Future Ahead 

HZO recognizes that innovation and expansion are integral to satisfying OEM requests in the escalating electronics industry. An example of HZO’s focus on innovation is an active interest in cutting-edge material management techniques such as laser ablation and plasma ashing, advanced technologies used to make the waterproofing process more efficient and cost-effective. Another example is HZO’s specific efforts to add more coatings to its offerings using a wide variety of materials and application methods.   

As OEM demand increases, HZO will continue to expand its global footprint. While it has a presence worldwide in 15 locations, it is planning to expand further, presumably, anywhere customer demand is highest.