Humanoid Robot Atlas Can Lend a Hand at the Construction Site

Humanoid robot, Atlas can lend a hand at the Construction Site, a new skill acquired in its latest version.

Intro: Humanoid Robots are professional service robots to mimic human motion and interaction. Boston Dynamics, known for its famous dog robot Spot, continues to showcase its impressive technology through the development of Atlas, a Humanoid Robot. This Humanoid Robot, Atlas can lend a hand at the Construction Site, a new skill acquired in its latest version.

Humanoid Robots is among the finest invention of technology with vast operations and activities. Boston Dynamics has been working on The development of the humanoid Robot, Atlas for decades. The main aim of creating Atlas was to help people in places that are usually inaccessible to humans. The robot was able to move autonomously by avoiding obstacles in front of it, opening doors, and using specific tools very quickly. Atlas has also demonstrated the ability to run, jump, dance, and perform backflips. In short, just like a human worker, it is now able to lift, manipulate and move heavy loads.

With the advancement of humanoid robots, the human labor force faces challenges. These types of robots are efficient and usable in industries or daily applications. The advantages of humanoid robots are innumerable for all kinds of well-designed and structured tasks. Very recently, Boston Dynamics posted a video online where Atlas can be seen performing a more risky mission of delivering a bag of tools to someone waiting at the top of a multi-story scaffold. This needs skill as the robot has to grab the bag, climb stairs, move a plank, so it can continue on its way, and then throw the bag to its recipient one floor above without falling. The robot pushed a large block of wood and performed a backflip to get back down to the ground, once the mission was accomplished. Atlas is performing significant maneuvers at a speed close to humans. The robot is 1 meter and 50 cm tall and weighs 89kg which was made possible by important upgrades to the control software of the robot. Atlas remains a research tool until further notice and there is no question of it being commercialized. Instead of sending Atlas to real-world construction sites, Boston Dynamics is more interested ins showcasing its expertise in this field. In the future, the company hopes to develop other dynamic behaviors for use in tasks that are dangerous for humans.

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