How your driving habits can affect the cost of your car insurance

It’s important to know that the way you drive, impacts the cost of your car insurance. In short, it’s great to remember that the safer you drive, the cheaper your car insurance will be.

Car insurance on average differs from state to state, but it really comes down to the added coverages you choose, as well as the way in which you drive.

Here, different driving habits will be explored, so you can identify how your insurance may differ based on them.

Driving habits

It’s important to remember that some factors may change based on your insurance provider, so check the terms and conditions of your insurance company before investing.

Driving at night – If you regularly drive at night, you are already putting yourself at an increased risk of an accident, due to less visibility. If you use telematics technology, it will pick up when you’re driving, and could base your insurance quote on this. Avoid the night time drive if you can, to not only keep you safe, but save you money!

The amount you drive – If you’re a daily commuter and have to be on the roads regularly, your car insurance could be affected by this, as you’re at a higher risk of a road accident. If you can, see if there are other ways you could travel to work to lower your insurance costs.

Inexperienced driver – This is inevitable, but if you have just passed your test, you are classed as a new driver. With less experience on the roads, you are at a higher risk of an accident – with time, you’ll soon become an experienced driver and hopefully receive lower insurance costs.

History of accidents – If you have regularly been involved in vehicle accidents, your insurer will have to pay more to ensure that you are covered. Instead, your policy will be increased, so you will pay more for your deductible.

Major convictions – If you’ve receive multiple DUIs, or have been an unsafe driver in other ways, like driving without insurance – you’ll probably pay more for your insurance. Be a responsible driver to reduce the costs of your insurance.

How will your insurer know about your driving habits?

You may be thinking about how your insurer will find out about these habits. There’s no point in trying to hide them, as this could result in serious repercussions.

Convictions – If you do happen to have a conviction and choose not to disclose this, your insurer may not know about it instantly, but they will be alerted about it and could review your policy to account for this.

Filing a claim – When you apply for an insurance claim, a full investigation will take place to identify facts, like the mileage of your car, and at what time the accident happened. So, it’s best not to lie or hide any information from your insurer!

With there being multiple factors in determining the cost of your insurance, see if you can improve your driving habits to ensure a lower insurance cost!

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