How to Transform Your Home with the IoT?


Nowadays, you can transform your humble abode from a simple sanctuary to a well-equipped fortress thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Between smart doorbell cameras, smart thermostats, and a host of other tech gear, smart home devices can secure your home better, save energy, and make your life ten times more convenient.

It’s no secret IoT technology improves the world at large and simplifies our day-to-day. We’ve all heard of smart lights and smart assistants (e.g., Alexa), which allow us to control things from afar. But what about the smart home security devices that make our lives more efficient and convenient?

Smart coffee makers and automatic pet feeders are examples of one way IoT devices help you streamline your life. The same way you can turn on your porch light when you’re away from home, you can feed your dog if your meeting runs late. Spare yourself some stress and avoid rushing home in a panic—smart devices will take care of your pooch and your plants.

Even when you’re exercising, smart devices can monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. There’s even such a thing as a smart yoga mat for yogis that want to be even more in-tune with themselves.

Here are five IoT devices that can transform your life by simplifying your routine and checking your to-do list off for you.

1. Smart doorbell camera

2. Garage door automation

3. Wireless plant monitor

4. Smart coffeemaker

5. Automatic pet feeder

Smart Doorbell Camera

Two-way audio, HD video, and night vision capabilities are just some of the features that make a smart doorbell camera a must-have in your home.

Keep lurkers away (and catch the pranksters in your neighborhood) with a smart doorbell cam. They operate on Wi-Fi and can be controlled from your phone, so if you need to speak with someone at the door or check who’s ringing your doorbell from your work, you can thanks to real-time, live footage.

Smart doorbell cameras ramp up your home’s security by deterring crime and giving you evidence in case something goes bump in the night. Not only that, it helps you track packages, keep an eye on your kids when they get home from school, and allows you to screen who goes in and out.

Garage Door Automation

Automated garage openers allow you to open and close your garage from the click of your smartphone. How’s it any more convenient than opening it from the inside of your car, you ask?

Let’s say your kid is coming home from a long walk with the dog and forgets their key. You can open the garage remotely so neither of them tracks dirt into the front of the home. Plus, instead of sharing a garage code with multiple people, you can simply grant them access in one click.

It also provides enhanced security. If the garage opener that lives on your sun visor gets lost or someone leaves the garage open for too long, being able to keep track of when your door opens helps you keep your home safer.

Wireless Plant Monitor

Going to Hawaii for a week? Visiting family a few ZIP codes over? If you’re going on vacation, you won’t have to worry about having the neighborhood kid come water your plants. Save yourself money, and a favor, by investing in a wireless plant monitor.

It’ll keep an eye on your plants, water them when they need it (up to a month), and allow you to do it all without calling in extra help. Some smart plant sensors even detect soil quality, temperature, light, and fertilizer level, so it’s more exact than if you were to water them yourself. Now you’ll never accidentally underwater or overwater your plants.

You invest enough time and energy in gardening. Don’t let your efforts go to waste while you’re gone. Even if you’re stuck at work late or are running errands, a smart plant monitor can keep your roots watered and your leaves healthy when you can’t (or don’t want to) tend to them yourself.

Smart Coffeemaker

Don’t get out of bed to start brewing your coffee. Get out of bed to a fresh cup of coffee.

Smart coffee maker is the epitome of total convenience. Instead of manually turning on your coffee maker, you can set a timer for the night before. That way, if you need coffee first thing in the morning, it’ll be ready the second you wake up.

Sound a bit ridiculous? It’s not as crazy as you’d think. As long as you have a smartphone and fast internet, a fresh hot cup of joe is one click away.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic pet feeders do more than allow you to care for your felines and canines from a distance. If you’re worried about your tabby cat’s weight or your beagle’s stomach bug, automatic pet feeders can weigh your pet’s food and track their caloric intake, helping you better regulate their meals.

Beyond the convenience factor, automatic pet feeders help you implement a regular routine and make your four-legged friend’s meals more fresh.

Transform Your Home Tomorrow

Smart home devices can make anyone’s life easier and more convenient. And the good news is, anyone can transform their home with IoT devices as long as they have access to decent Wi-Fi and a smartphone.


About Author: Brandon Jarman is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed gadget nerd. When he’s not trying to convince his wife to buy the latest tech device, he enjoys playing video games and the occasional pick-up basketball game. You can follow his work by following him on Twitter @BrandonJarman4