How to Start a Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing Business

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

As you try to grow your manufacturing business, there are a number of things you have to have on your plate. Diversification is one and becoming more efficient with your processes is another. One big task you should also add to the list is the marketing of your business. Many manufacturers don’t do much in the way of marketing and rely on the old way of generating business.

It doesn’t matter if you are the best at metal forming Edmonton has to offer if nobody knows about your business. It pays to get the word out so you can always have a steady stream of clients and jobs. In this article, we will go over several strategies to put into place to properly market your manufacturing business.


Review current growth strategy

Before you can start a new strategy, you need to take a look at your old one. Perform an audit of all your marketing efforts to see what is working and what isn’t. This should include everything from any direct mail flyers to the website of your business.

Every aspect of your strategy needs to be evaluated and dissected. Your website is not just a place for customers to get information about your services, for instance. If that is all that the website is doing then this is a perfect opportunity to revamp the site and make it a marketing motor that links all of your other efforts.


Find your ideal customer

Try to condense your market down to one idealized version of the person who would be the one to decide to use your company for their manufacturing needs. This is a buyer persona and is an important thing to have figured out as it will help you determine what type of content is going to resonate best. The thinking is that if a strategy will work for this one persona then it will work across the board as the persona represents a lot of people with the same needs and perspectives.

To try to create this persona, you can use your already existing database of purchasing agents and pick out the top ones. See what they have in common, and review what their needs and concerns have been over the years.


Invest in software

There are many different software platforms that are dedicated to helping you with your marketing strategy. The most logical one to use for your company since it is in manufacturing and has a different buyer journey has a focus on lead generation. This is designed to help you find leads and turn them into customers.

Better yet, the best lead-generating platform will help the leads find you which is more effective since they are motivated and more likely to convert into a customer afterward. There will be a funnel created which guides the lead through every phase of the buyer journey which then has them exit as loyal customers. With an automated system like this, you can always be creating leads so there is less downtime between jobs.